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Is it "national championship or bust" for Ohio State football in 2014?

48% (646 votes)
52% (692 votes)
Total Votes: 1338


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I would say playoff or bust. If the defense plays like the silver bullets of years past and the OLine and WRs get it figured out then I'd say national championship or bust. But right now, without seeing them play, I'll stick with playoff or bust. 

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We here at The Ohio State University have lofty goals, so the NC is certainly within our sites, BUT, first we need to win the B1G, which we haven't done in a while.  So there is no Bust if we don't win the NC, but there is if we don't win the B1G. 

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For Buckeye fans, EVERY year is NC or bust.

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Agree completely! Let's win 'em all!


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It's never a bust if we beat that team up north.

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Beating scUM is a requirement.

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Can you add an option for "almost"?

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There's some things that need remedied before I can go expecting OSU back atop the mountain with any rationale.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Winning the first ever college playoff based National Championship would look great in OSU's record books...

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I'm sure if they won the first playoff, there'd be someone (ESPN, SEC) who'd find a way to diminish the accomplishment...

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Something along the lines of "They didn't play Stanford football"?

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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Isn't every year a national championship or bust season?

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We're not that far removed from 2011, at least I don't think so.

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Playoff or bust for me. Look, I do think there are deeper college football teams—faster teams, more experienced teams, teams with schemes that will give us fits—but I don't think there's anybody in the conference who can run with the Buckeyes. Let's get a B1G title!

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I'm going Playoff or bust. Will I be very disappointed if we make the playoff and don't win the NC? Of course.  But no matter who is in the playoff you gotta beat two very good teams consecutively.  We haven't won the big game in some time so to say it's NC or bust seems a bit harsh.

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If you can't win a National Championship, a nice bust is a decent consolation prize.

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Frank Drebin agrees.


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This year's team is full of questions. I believe making the playoffs will be our realistic ceiling. If everything goes according to expectations, we'll make the cut. Asking to win the national championship is a big reach, though I'm not gonna say it couldn't happen. For me it's an emphatic "NO" to "NC or bust?" because it would be hard to consider yet another perfect regular season marred only by a loss in the playoffs a failure. 

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We just need to play Stanford football.

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At the very least, it is playoff or bust.

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Is it "national championship or bust" for Ohio State football in 2014?


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The start of every year should be championship or bust.  You can always adjust your expectations as the season unfolds.

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I agree, Not like our coaching staff tells kids anything less. Sure they may leave some things to assumption, I'm sure the goal is to win the B1G every season. Show me a coaching staff that tells their kids in the spring that our goal is to win 7-8 games, and I will show you a team that will be lucky to become bowl eligible. In football it goes week to week. You always think you can and will win.

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Beat Michigan win the division win the conference and the rest will take care of it self.

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Gotta win it all.  If we make it to the playoff and lose to either FSU or a SEC team we will still be stuck in the same position as now.  We have to beat elite teams and show we can win it all.  

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I'm probably older than many who post here but have only experienced two NC's in my lifetime (1968 & 2002).  I'll never define a season as 'NC or bust' simply because many more seasons would be defined as 'busts' than end in a NC.  I've witnessed many great Buckeyes fight to the bitter end of a season (Coach Bruce's final game vs scUM immediately comes to mind) and hope to never lose sight of such great efforts made by all involved.      

I am grateful the Bucks are in the conversation again this year and love the direction the program is headed.  I believe, as many do, that great days are ahead and that a NC will be within reach multiple times in the coming years.  Go Bucks!

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I understand the older crew gets excited about going to the rosebowl, but for me the ring is the thing.  Some people call that being spoiled or unrealistic, but as a program we are either going to be Ohio State (the Excellence) or we are going to be like Indiana/Purdue.  It only takes a couple seasons of lowered expectations before you become like Michigan.

NC or bust every year buddy.  Doesn't mean we wont enjoy every minute of every game.  Just means we have high expectations.  Nothing wrong with that.


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I echo the sentiments that every year is national title or bust, that's what makes us the Buckeyes.

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