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How do you plan to tackle Ohio State football and basketball at the same time today?

Two televisions
8% (84 votes)
Television + Computer/Tablet/Mobile
12% (129 votes)
Watch the first hour of football, then flip to basketball
4% (47 votes)
Football will get your undivided attention
37% (396 votes)
Flip back and forth
30% (319 votes)
10% (105 votes)
Total Votes: 1080


buckeyestu's picture

Watching the football game and recording the basketball game.

Jugdish's picture

Make that two of us.

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ColdBuckeye's picture

Ditto! The key is to try and not pay attention to the ESPN ticker. 

wibuckeye's picture

I'm at the football game, so I'll have to read the paper.


sharks's picture

probably wouldn't watch basketball if it was the only thing on, even if it is OSU.

A man got to have a code...

DarkBeer's picture

Picture-in-picture on a 60" TV.  Switch the audio as needed.  Although I do expect that the football team should have things well in hand by the time the basketball game starts.

Oyster's picture

Neither, I'm stuck at work running the monthly reports.  Set the DVR before I left, but I'll probably just listen to it while I'm working.  Too bad I can't bring beer to work, well, shouldn't bring beer to work.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

Knarcisi's picture

I said flip back and forth, but only on breaks from football game. Not in basketball mode quite yet. But a top 25 matchup and I've not been able to take in any hoops yet. Halftime of the football game should time up nicely to catch the end of the basketball game. 

DefendOhio's picture

Going to the Buckeye bar!

thatlillefty's picture

Rhino Bar for the DC buckeyes

Seth4Bucks's picture

Went there once for the Navy game a couple years ago when I was traveling for work. Great place and vibe.

GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

I watch football until the season is over. Only 14 games, besides basketball doesn't start to really matter until February anyhow. JMO of course

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sb97's picture

Preferably Watch the football game on TV and basketball game on a laptop/tablet.  If the football game gets ugly then I would probably switch.  If I cant get a good stream then I will move a second tv into the living room.
This is a big basketball game for us.  We only have a couple of chances for a quality OOC win and this may be the biggest one.  This is our only big time OOC road game.  We should pay attention.

OSUAndy07's picture

I've got my man cave set up with dual screens/dual Sat box so I'll be set. We ought to create a man cave post

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BuckeyeFreak4844's picture

I will monitor the score in the bball game but will flip when I can and if it gets close in second half and buckeye football has things well in check make the switch over!

Michigan Sucks!

alust2013's picture

I don't have ESPN... So, it looks like I'll be watching basketball and watching the gamecast for football.

...and Michigan still sucks.

Seth4Bucks's picture

Who is the idiot that allowed this to happen? Even a couple hour delay in the BBall start time would have been awesome. And I'll flip back and forth unless the UI game is closer than expected.

GeneStarwind's picture

I will be split screening when the basketball game comes on

BuckeyeSaab's picture

Flipping back and forth while playing GW2.

I'm sorry for not being sorry.

marktheshark34's picture

"With the football team favored by infinity and the basketball team playing their biggest non-conference test of the season, surely people will flip over to basketball after the football team uses the 12-1pm hour to get a 28+ point lead..."
*sees results of the poll*

Ahh Saturday's picture

Pretty sure basketball season doesn't start until March.

JozyMozy's picture

Watch one of our precious ~14 Buckeye football games, monitor twitter for hoops details, switch after the game. 

OSUStu's picture

This is gonna get kinda weird... Two televisions

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buckeyefanatic's picture

IMHO, the most obvious choice is DVR the basketball game and watch football.  Poll writers not blessed with DVR technology?

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