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What grade do you give the Buckeyes after three games and why?

3% (15 votes)
39% (225 votes)
47% (273 votes)
11% (65 votes)
0% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
D or worse
1% (3 votes)
Total Votes: 583


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+:  Pryor appears to finally be feeling the offense; solid, solid defense.

-: Special Teams, Special Teams, Special Teams.

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A plus.  3-0 beat a legit miami team.  Special teams have been a let down but that can be fixed and you can't fix a shitty defense.  Pryor has improved enough to win it all this year.  10 different receivers caught passes last week and he hit 16 straight.  The int at the end of the half was pretty bad but all in all he is a beast.

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Offense starting off the year at a higher level than we have become accustomed to for much of the Tressel era, and it's exciting to think of how good they may become with more reps as the season progresses. (A-)

Defense operating at a high level as expected. However, Saturday we may have seen a chink in the armor: we are probably an injury or two away from having significant issues in the secondary. (A+)

Kick off coverage is a major problem that could cost the Buckeyes a close game this year, and concievably a shot at a BCS NC appearance. Some have argued that punt coverage has been a problem as well, but I am not yet convinced there is a problem - Buchanan has performed solidly, and one the case in which coverage broke down involved illegal blocking by the receiving team (though the refs failed to make the obvious call). (C-)

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Crushed 2 teams we SHOULD crush, won by 12 vs. the #10 team in the country despite two kickoff returns for TD's and a TD called back. Results are all that matters.

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

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Deductions for redzone struggles and poor special teams.

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I went B+ as well for the obvious reasons.  Multiple special teams gaffes in first two games can be overcome with solid performances here on out.  Poor red zone O in only game against good team is a little troubling.

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We've played 3 bowl teams from last year thus far and have 3 convincing wins. Our defense is airtight, our offense is highly productive and well-balanced and our turnover ratio and the amount of penalties we've had seems like all-time positives.

Unfortunately, our special teams play brings it down a notch. I'll break it down:

Kickoffs: Not deep enough, not enough hangtime, bad execution on coverage

Punts: Not deep enough, not enough hangtime, subpar execution on coverage, however, Buchanan has done reasonably well at pinning the ball inside the 20.

Field Goal attempts: Issues with blocking right up the middle to start the season, but things have improved as most field goals have been converted, still holding my breath most of the time, though.

Kick Returns: Huge positive compared to previous years. Hall and Berry are legitimate threats to go all the way and show enough shiftiness to make a couple of guys miss along the way. Infinitely better than Boom and Saine.

Punt Returns: Quite good so far. Hall shows the requisite bravery, shiftiness and quickness to excel as a punt returner. No miscues thus far.