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Which remaining target do you covet the most?

Dontre Wilson
11% (212 votes)
Vonn Bell
78% (1463 votes)
James Clark
7% (137 votes)
Ryan Timmons
2% (39 votes)
1% (21 votes)
Total Votes: 1872


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Deja Vu...

Anyway, since the poll has changed...


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Thanks for changing the poll to show confidence in

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You can still gauge the confidence or lack thereof in Elliot staying solid to the bucks or going the way of Dorial Green-Beckham and staying home to play for mizzou by the numbers of votes for Dontre Wilson.  I know I picked him because I would love a backup plan in the event that elliot has been won over by the very strong pull to stay home and play for your home state after the number one player in the nation did that very same thing last year.

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Bell is the most needed in my opinion. Hits like a ton of bricks and a true ballhawk. Might even play some offense occasionally??
Clark is a close second for me. Kid can fly. Closest thing I've ever seen to TG2 in a highlight film.
Wilson would be an awesome pick-up but I'd rather keep Elliot, if we can only have one of them. If both came to OSU and there wasn't the risk of losing Elliot, this would've been a tougher vote.
Timmons is last for me. I think he will have a chance to contribute right away somewhere like UK but at OSU feel like he might get buried on the depth chart.
Just my $.02

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I think OSU needs Bell more than the others...the offense will be ok in 2014...the defensive backfield will be losing a ton of guys.  Personally Bell could start as a sophomore and do well...he'll see the field for sure as a freshman on special teams (and occasionally at DB).  He's the top one IMO and it should be interesting to see what happens next Wed. at 10am.  
IMO...Wilson stays with Oregon due to OC being hired and Clark goes to FL.  Personally...I see Timmons coming to OSU...I me Waycraken's "B" if you's looking more and more like a possibility.  

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Simple - Bell
Defense wins Championships !
Lock down corners and hard hitting athletic safeties will allow us to unleash the pass rushers Urb has already got !

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Vonn Bell gives me Antione Winfield flashbacks.
Get. Vonn.



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I want Bell to be part of this class, but I also would like to see Timmons make it.

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My personal list would be something like:

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i voted for bell and i think we get him

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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Bell for two reasons:  he seems like the most talented guy left on the board and it keeps him away from AlaSaban.

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Bell I just think this kid is going to be special. 

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An aggressive hard nosed safety has been a staple in Meyer's Florida defenses. Be it Reggie Nelson, Ahmad Black, or Matt Elam (he recruited). I think Bell knows this and realizes he has a serious shot at stepping in and being a stud from day 1, and probably lock up a starting spot as a sophmore. I like some of the guys we have, but after this past season I'm not sure we have a safety on our team with the talent and upside as Vonn Bell.
Ohio State- for above reasons^
Alabama- Has Saban as his position coach, on the hottest team right now.
Tennessee- Fandom, probably looked up to Eric Berry. I think the new coaching staff might scare him away here.

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I think we get Bell and Clark... Just my opinion.

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Bell is the only one of those 4 that I've watched and he looked ridiculous. We need a player like him and it would be great to prevent Alabama from getting yet another great player

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Get me a solid offensive lineman!  Calll me crazy, but I'm just feeling uneasy on only pulling in one "big time" offensive line recruit this year.  After this 2013 season we will have 4/5 uncertain spots on that line and I would prefer to have more depth rather than less. 

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I would rather gain the re-committment or rather the confirmation from EzE that he will sign here then any of the targets still out there IMO. If I had to choose from this list, it would be Vonn Bell as he fills a need for this class and maybe even next years class at safety

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