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Where will the Buckeyes finish in the B1G regular season hoops standings?

9% (85 votes)
18% (176 votes)
47% (452 votes)
19% (187 votes)
4% (36 votes)
6th or worse
3% (29 votes)
Total Votes: 965


Jugdish's picture

I picked them number 1. The talent is there and it is a matter of finding the right alignment. Thad and his crew haven't let us down yet, so I am optimistic that they get it right. 
I am still not in favor of having Craft and Scott on the floor at the same time. Two ball handlers and neither is the outside threat we need. The only time using Craft and Scott might be an advantage is when we are playing a team with two outside shooters. Our offense suffers because of post play and offensive rebounds with those two in.
Amedeo might be the option we are looking for. He is a confident outside shooter, but his D needs much work.

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

Brutus's picture

I picked 4th only because I'm never right about this stuff and because I can't see them finishing lower than 4th, that means they'll be somewhere in the top 3 which is fine by me.
I was looking at the other B10 schedules thinking that perhaps everyone has played our garbage schedule (apart from Duke and Kansas of course). Most of the teams ahead of us have played decent schedules against several major conference teams and everyone has a signature win or two. Makes me a little worried that we've lost to the only two teams with a pulse (though I suspect a few of the mid majors we've played might make it to the tourney). I'm not feeling great about the team as the B10 season is about to start, but this team has shown flashes of greatness. Like Jugdish says, Thad hasn't let us down yet so Im not losing hope.