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What's Ohio State's NCAA ceiling?

First round exit
5% (51 votes)
Round of 32
24% (225 votes)
Sweet 16
46% (430 votes)
Elite 8
16% (149 votes)
Final Four or better
8% (78 votes)
Total Votes: 933


tampa buckeye's picture

They are still a final four contender IMO.  Sure they need to push the ball and knock down some shots, but way they looked vs KU won't be the way they look in march.  

andyb's picture

I can see your point, but at the same time everyone else is going to be a lot better as well so with all things being the same it's not looking good. We really don't have a Big man presently and it really hurt us on Saturday (Withy destroyed Evan Ravenel on the Boards and Amir is not assertive enough on the glass) and unless Sam Thompson, Aaron Craft or LQR and LSJr can start knocking down shots with some consistency this team is probably .500 in the B1G and out in the second round in March.

ESTBuckeyeSwag's picture

We haven't even cracked into the conference schedule yet. That being said, I think it's a little early to be making NCAA tourney predictions. However if We're talking about this teams "ceilings" I believe this team is capable of the elite 8 or further. I may be a bit optimistic, but we all know theres plenty of time for improvement. (Out of bounds plays, Post play, Shot consistency, etc.) My biggest concern come tournament time is a true post presence. Thadd Mattas an excellent coach though, and I believe this teams a consistent 2nd scorer away from being really good. Sky's the limit right!?!? Merry Christmas everybody, GO BUCKS!

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chicagobuckeye's picture

Yea that's why when someone writes that the first round exit is the ceiling i'm just a little confused

GoBucks713's picture

They just fell flat in the second half. They need someone to step up and keep them going all game, not just for a 6 minute spurt like SS. If it wasn't for his spark for that run halfway through the first half, this game could have been uglier. And I really don't put the KU defense as the reason why OSU didn't win this game. The guys just weren't hitting their shots. They had plenty of open looks and moved the ball well enough to score, they just couldn't put it in the bucket. KU was beating them to most 50/50 balls and out hustled them for large chunks of time, but if the boys make more than 5 field goals in the second half, it's a different game. AND WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL RAVENEL TO GO QUICK AND STRONG TO THE HOLE. I'm tired of players putting the ball on the ground then going to the hole. Take the ball in stride and move with the pass and take it in. You could get fouled, or make the shot, but it gives the help defender less time to adjust to you.

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Smanpoint10's picture

Their ceiling is a final four berth or better but right now they're playing like a team that will barely make the sweet 16

ESTBuckeyeSwag's picture

GOBUCKS713: I couldn't agree with you more. You hit the nail on the head in every aspect of     your comment.. ANDYB: Definitely need more consistency shooting the basketball out of are gaurds and wing players. If they continue to play inconsistently, what do you guys think about Amedeo Della Valle getting some meaningful minutes? (Guy can shoot the basketball and he's played smart thus far) Just a thought.

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andyb's picture

I'm all for guys coming in and providing a spark off the bench I.E. Shannon Scott. I'm just not sure about Amedeo just yet. I'll give you that he can shoot and I see him in a year or two becomming a serious threat not only from downtown but also midrange as well. I think though as most freshman are, he is lacking in the BB IQ department at least in practice because Thad hasn't given him any serious minutes tells me he he's not quite where he needs to be in understanding the concepts just yet.
I am excited about his potential though..could end up being similar to Diebler.

BROSEPH's picture

I don't think the Italian is ready to be hounded on defense by big athletic 2-guards.  He'd probably make freshman mistakes with that pressure on him.  Hence why we've only see him against lesser teams where he won't get eaten alive by mismatches.  He will be a fine player though with some time.  I hope he develops into a legit long range threat for next year and beyond.  

Buckeye Chuck's picture

Looking at it logically, this is a team that's going to have trouble being higher than a third seed, given that it's going to be hard to get out of conference play with fewer than 5 losses, plus a likely loss somewhere in the conference tournament. If you're seeded third, then Sweet 16 is where you would first play a higher seed, assuming no upsets.
So as of right now, my answer is Sweet 16. Upsets in March, or a couple of people on the team suddenly learning how to make open shots, could change their prognosis.

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Ian Cuevas's picture

As of now, I can't see them getting past the Sweet Sixteen. That's with a nice little run in the tournament, too.