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Will Jim Tressel ever coach a major college football team again?

44% (645 votes)
56% (825 votes)
Total Votes: 1470


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I don't personally know him, so take this FWIW, but I don't think he wants to coach another major college football team.
His dream job was OSU.
I think he enjoys working with the kids as kind of a mentor, and I could see him taking an FCS job or a small FBS school, but I don't think he wants a major job, and all the pain that comes with it, if it isn't OSU.
Again, all my thoughts based on what I see of him- its not like I have lunch with the man daily or anything.

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I have always had the same opinion of him. I don't think he will never coach again but I could see him taking a job like the Youngstown one he had. The fact that he didn't keep his job with the Colts basically said that he wants to stay at the college level.

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If he coaches again it'll be on the small scale, and probably have more control in the athletic department too. I'd see him or as an AD than a coach at this point in his career, he's becoming more of a "mentor" type from all the things I read.
And once the NCAA rules are re-written, what happened with him an OSU want be a scarlet letter for him like it is now.
Thanks for the memories Senator Tressel.


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I voted no because I cannot see a major college hiring him at this point. Sadly his style of coaching is mostly dead and will not survive the next wave of the spread offense. Tressel could either find himself as an assistant back at OSU, an AD, or if he wanted an announcer (wouldn't that be fun?). Major colleges are not going to want the Vest's style. And everyone makes good points about Tressel's interest in another school as well. 

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Except Saban plays Tresselball and that ain't going anywhere. I think that the major programs have come to understand that a solid running game and solid defense (OSU, ND, Alabama) will beat a fancy high octane offense with little or no defense (Oregon).

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It floors me how the media falls in love with Oregon but the moment they run into a team that actually plays some D (Stanford this year, OSU in 2010 to name a few), their offense is so HIGH OCTANE and the media is all of a sudden quiet about. God forbid they mention this glaring fact about playing a team that has a pulse in D.

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So Oregon has one bad offensive game against a Stanford team who they had put up huge numbers against in the past and they are exposed.  Oregon IMO is the best team in the country but just had a bad game, just like Alabama or Georgia or Florida or Kansas State did.

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If it were just one bad game you could dismiss it. But it is a pattern with Oregon that when they play a team with a good defense their offense goes bye bye. You simply MUST have a defense if you want to do more than punk a bunch of Pac 12 teams.

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It is just one bad game, some of those games they don't have enough talent and that is understandable.  Some of those games IMO were a talent problem and not a scheme issue.  Spread offenses have always had a problem of occasionally going MIA.  Oregon's defense has actually played pretty great in those big games that you mention including completely shutting down Cam Newton.

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Here's the pattern: put up 70 points against Portland, Arkansas State, Pac-10 teams where defense is non-existent.  Ohio State (L), Auburn (L), LSU (L). That's the pattern. When they face a good team they lose. I was drinking the Kool-Aid this year and thought they were the best team. However, there are no standout teams this year.

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Those are all different years and different circumstances.  This year they were elite they just had a bad game against IMO the best defense in the country in Stanford.  3 losses in three years if that's the pattern then they are pretty good, to be honest sounds a lot like us during the tressel years.

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Excellent point regarding so called "Tresselball" but I'm in the camp that believes JT's coaching career is over.
I think someday he and Ellen will move back to Columbus and he'll have an office in the WHAC and will teach some classes at the university.

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Bama and LSU play Tressel ball and it works for them as much as it pains me to say it. Stanford, they run it too and are pretty succesful. People also said running a type of Option spread in the NFL wouldn't work ... RGIII and Kapernick are doing pretty well with it.


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Except that Les miles goes for it on 4th, tries onside kicks, fake punts, and fake field goals, and that's in one half of 1 game.  Did Tressel ever attempt all of these plays in his entire 10 years?

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I am torn on this one. I voted no, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did 5 year stint somewhere.

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So I keep seeing Tressel mentioned for coaching jobs in spite of his still having 3 more years on his Show Cause sanction. But someone (thinking it was Humble) said there's a way for a school to get around petitioning the NCAA to hire him.
Can someone explain that to me?
BTW, a friend of mine knows the Tressels. She says that Jim and Ellen have really down-sized their household since moving to Akron. And that Jim really enjoys his job at UAkron. So I don't see him getting back into coaching either.

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From my understanding, a school can hire a coach with a show cause attached if the school can show a cause to the NCAA as to why they should hire them. In the case of Tressel and Tennessee, the Vols would have to demonstrate why a school still under sanctions from Kiffin and Pearl should hire a guy that lied to the NCAA. Not gonna happen.
I say to Tressel this: Dude, you won 5 national titles. You demonstrated your ownership of the Big Ten in general and Michigan in specific. There is nothing left for you to prove. You have lots of money. Enjoy your new job, love your wife, explore the world and when you lie on your deathbed know that you were loved.

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Sometimes it just comes down to doing what you love though.  It's clear he loved coaching football and he didn't get to go out on his own terms.  If he feels what's best for him is coaching again somewhere, then that's exactly what he should do.

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This is 110% speculation and in no way should be treated as if true, because I don't know, but Tressel's job on WKYC is telling me that he may be interested in the Browns job, which he can coach immediately b/c the Show-Cause does not apply to the NFL game. I can see that being his last job if he takes it. If not, it's not too hard to see him at Baldwin-Wallace or Youngstown State for a few more years.

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So I am in no way a Browns fan (I was unaffiliated prior to marrying a Steelers fanatic - keep the hate to a minimum please), but the prospect of Tressel resurrecting the program named for the legendary father of Ohio football is actually kind of an inspiring concept... Not sure I see it happening (how many Jimmy Johnsons are there in the annals of the NCAA-to-NFL coaching history, after all), but I think I might actually like the idea...
God that would make Sundays hard at my house...

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THIS. I could see. Not much else could prevent their fanbase from rioting soon. HAHAHA. Who knows. Ye Ole Senator might turn the Brownies around. Stranger things have happened. 

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I wouldn't. He reached the pinnacle of college football at one of the truly elite programs in the nation. There's nothing left to conquer. Enjoy retirement JT, OSU will always love you. Or should anyway.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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There is a chance he could return back but the question is would you want him too... The only problem I have with him going back is that he could recruit out of Ohio. Not sure OSU fans would appreciate that competition. 

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The man deserves a second chance. I wouldnt mind seeing him at a MAC or Conference USA school so he doesnt affect reruiting. Even if he does end up in a school like Kentucky, Urban recruits nationally and we are THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY I dont see us losing many Ohio kids we want.

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I believe he deserves a second chance and will get one in the future.  It may not be this year but there will be a program that takes him.

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From what I've read (when his name popped up for the UK job), the show-cause is a basic ban on him for life five years, potentially. Everyone thinks that the NCAA will just assess OSU's current penalty on whatever team Tressel decides to coach next (so 1 yr bowl ban, etc). However, it seems like the show-cause give them enough room to decide his punishment in whatever way they want. So they're not bound by the penalty given to OSU the institution. 
"What we see here is the real scope and intent of the show-cause order. If the NCAA is not satisfied by the institution's answer, it may penalize the institution as it deems necessary in order to ensure that it's intended punishment (i.e. temporary unemployment as a coach) is duly delivered. That's what the parenthetical "or additional penalty" means."
To me, this looks like (well first of all, unlimited dictatorial power on the part of the NCAA. big surprise.) basically a ban on him for life five years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but no matter how much anyone wants him to coach again he isn't going to, it seems. 

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I voted yes. D2 and D3 have football teams as well. It didn't specify big or small program. I think his love for mentoring young adults will ultimately lead him to coach somewhere again.

EDIT: I lernt to reed reel gud. /Derp

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I remember watching coach Tressel being asked about the possibility of going back to coaching (I think by Tom Diberi on wall to wall sport, not sure though) and he said : "I'm still young and I enjoy coaching"
The question should be: would he be hired before the 5-year show cause penalty ends or after that. for me, I see him coaching in a major program after the penalty ends.

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I think he'll coach again, that's what he loves.  His adult life has been football.  He'll get a job if he wants to coach.