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Does Braxton need a big game to get a Heisman invite?

85% (873 votes)
No, he's already invited
15% (155 votes)
Total Votes: 1028


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If he had a good game at Wisconsin - he may not have needed a big game against Tsun...but he didn't & with the push a few others have made lately - I believe he needs a big game to get there.

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Klein, Manziel, and Te'o are absolute locks right now, with Manziel and Te'o going no matter what.  Klein is the only one who might not make it, and I think it would be between Braxton (only if he has a great game) and Marqise Lee (especially if they could upset the domers) to replace him.

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Indeed he has to...others made up ground on OSU's week off.  Not to mention, last week's performance sure wasn't Heisman type if you ask me...

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Willl be interesting to see what kind of hype Miller gets if he has the same/better stats Saturday than he did in last year's Game..

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I think he needs a decent game...better than last week.

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Didn't that poor performance last week pretty much ruin his chance? 


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only haters hate on their team...........

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Really? Then most fans of all sports hate their team then.
Nice shot at me though, tool.


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4 to 6 tds and he can win it,  200 on the ground 300 through the air. strike the pose on those scum bags!

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Braxton has already done enough for me to put him in there. I picked yes because he will need to have a really good game for the voters to send him.

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Though Braxton certainly hasn't helped himself with the Wisconsin game, he's lucky that K-State and Oregon (as well as Bama) slipping up has knocked Klein, Barner, and McCarron down a notch. There will be a lot of eyes watching on Saturday, and if he can engineer a big game in a heated rivalry, I think he can pencil in a trip to NYC. Do I think he'll win? Probably not. But I'd love to see that kid rep the Scarlet and Gray in a suit with Coach Urbs. 

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I just HATE those eyes will be diminished by the noon kick. I hate that. and that sh**hole that shall remain nameless. No more thanksgivings, now HATE!

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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Not even close he def needs a big game to get a invite. Not to mention the Wisky game more than likely dropped him down a few notches...

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In order to get the invite, I think Brax needs to have a performance like Troy always seemed to have against AACC.