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Assuming Alabama is the team to beat, which school is best suited to do it?

Kansas State
17% (263 votes)
78% (1237 votes)
Notre Dame
6% (91 votes)
Total Votes: 1591



Notre Dame has the defense to possibly stay with them, but not the offense IMO.
Kansas state is such an unknown to me.  that would be an interesting game to watch.
Oregon may, may just be the team to do it

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Hard to feel like this season is still a big battle for the right to lose to Alabama!

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I feel like Kansas State is a great all around team this year and has the best chance of beating the fighting Nick's.  I'd bet that If Alabama plays Oregon, the outcome will be very similar to when we played them in the Rose Bowl a couple of years ago.  I feel Alabama has the defense to shut down the offense just like we did, and we all know Oregon doesn't believe in having any sort of a defense at all.  Notre Dame (I hate them) might do better than I think, but after the Pitt game, I'm not seeing it right now.
K State is who I would like to see take on the Alabama machine.

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Maybe your right but I think this version of Oregon is much stronger than the one OSU played in 2010. I picked Oregon but KSU might have a shot too. Either way - I just don't think ND's got it..

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And Bama's defense is much stronger than OSU's was. Relatively speaking it could be a similar matchup. 

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Naw this Orgeon team is a competely different monster than the one we faced in 2010. They can score on anybody!

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KState but only if Klein is healthy.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

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How can anyone pick Oregon after Saturday's game...when they look like the worst defense in the top five????  KSU all the way...they have an actual defense as well as a good offense if Klein's healthy.  Sometimes I wonder if people actual watch the games...bc if you did, then you'd see Oregon has NO defense (at least not equipped to beat Bama).  KSU has one if not the most underrated defense in top five.  I could actually see them beating Bama...

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Totally agree. Have we not learned anything about Oregon by now?? It's the same old broken record. Every year, people end up saying that "this Oregon offense is even better than last year's" but one thing remains the same - their defense is awful. I think Alabama would humiliate them in the title, if they get there.
Plus there are plenty of recent non-conference examples proving that Oregon will struggle to play a team with a good defense - 2011 LSU, 2010 Auburn, 2009 Ohio State, and even 2009 Boise State.
I'm definitely not an ND guy, but they certainly remind me of the 2002 Ohio State title team, and if they get to the BCS title game, they will be facing their own goliath just like we did.

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But thats why they score the way they do! They know their defense is their weakness so they just put more points on the board so nobody can catch em!

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Eventually, the lack of defense catches up to you.  See WVU this year.
I'll grant you, I would be interested to see the match-up if it happens, just like I would have liked to see Oklahoma State take on LSU or Alabama last year.

You can kill a fly with your slipper or a cannon. Either way, the fly dies. -Ramzy

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KState has the 36th ranked defense in the nation. Oregon sits at 50. KState allows 22 more yards per game than Oregon. Oregon allows 4 more points per game than KState.
Neither team has a world class D like ND or Bama and KState isn't all that much better than Oregon.

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I honestly dont think Oregons D is that bad. Its not great but its not terrible either. Besides Bama's offense isnt the greatest anyway..

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Comparing West Virginia's defense to Oregon's is also laughable.  Oregon got exposed by the best set of receivers in the country, WVU got exposed by freaking Baylor.

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Did YOU actually watch the game?  Look who Oregon's defense played last week!  Matt Barkely (liklely #1 pick, #1 QB), Marquise Lee (first rounder, #1 WR) and a stable of good running backs (Silas Redd, etc.).  If the Bucks played USC, our defense would get smoked.  Oregon was playing Illinois.
To say you need a DEFENSE to beat Alabama is ridiculous.  Alabama's offense is average.  While they have a good line and they looked amazing on their last offensive drive, it is the Alabama defense that is the heart of that team.  To beat Alabama, you need an OFFENSE that can match Alabama's speed in the back seven of its defense.  Oregon has that.

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I still think this Oregon team is a lot like the team we played in the Rose Bowl IMO, only without a legit NFL power running back like Blount or a speedy back like LaMichael James. Barner and Thomas are weapons, but they're only receivers that run jet sweeps. It's games like these that the Cover 2 defense does wonders.

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Forgetting Marcus Mariota? That kid is as good as I've seen in an offensive system like Oregon's. He's a hell of a lot better than Masoli or Thomas. I think that if they can run the hurry-up consistently and mix up the running and passing, they can beat the Tide. Alabama is not built to defend the hurry up and I think this is the year that Oregon can get to the promised land. The over/under would be hilarious though because Oregon doesn't have a prayer when it comes to  stopping the Tides offense.

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This poll needs a "none of the above" choice.  I'm not about the SEC-love, but I think LSU was the one team that had a chance against 'Bama, and they couldn't get it done at home.  Alabama would destroy Oregon, K-State, or ND.  I actually think Notre Dame matches up best with them, in that they at least play defense.

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So because Oregon has one bad game against a team with Woods, and Lee on it, they suddenly don't play defense?

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As much as I loathe Nick Satan in many ways I feel it doesn't matter who they play because he'll get 50 days to game plan for them.   Result?  Alabama will be very very ready.  That means we ought to cheer for the team that has the best coach - who can get his team ready for Bama?  Truthfully the Roll Tiders don't look that invincible, needing a late miracle to beat LSU. 
The old man has done a miracle at KState but somehow I can see them coming out very convetional, doing what they've always done (and what Bama is utterly prepared for) and getting waxed.
I'll take Oregon then.  They are liable to come out and run the winged T or the wishbone or the spread or all three plus something else - all while wearing neon unis tat blind the defense.  And I really like how fast they play.  That can give anybody trouble.

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I couldn't pick the Ducks because their offense always stalls against good Defense
I think a good passing attack is what will be needed to take bama down and K State has one of the best and the D is ok too. I think they have the best shot at bama but I would really like to see K State & Oregon go at it for the title.

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Of those teams, Oregon clearly has the best chance to beat em. Bamas strong point is their defense and the best offense in the country is Oregon. Do I think they can hang 50pts on Bama? No, but atleast they will force Bama to throw the ball more and not play another boring slow ground and pound NC like last year. At this point I dont care who it is, I just want somebody to beat the SEC and shut them up...

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I'm picking Texas A&M to beat Alabama this weekend and make this a moot point.
Yes, I know Alabama is a better team. Yes, I know it is at Alabama. 
I just think A&M matches up very well with Bama in the right places. Also, although I'm not much for believing in "trap" games, this could be one for Bama coming off the big win over LSU and not really being as familiar with A&M as other SEC schools.
Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm calling it.

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If this happens, Manziel will put himself right back into the Heisman talk

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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I was also thinking this exact thing. A&M played UF really close in Manziel's first game as a starter, and they were in it until the bitter end against LSU as well, until Manziel made a few freshman mistakes. You'd think the third time around they just might get all the things to fall into place. 
Johnny Manziel is the real deal. Alabama hasn't faced a QB anywhere close to his game breaking ability, unless you go all the way back to that Cam Newton comeback game. Which they lost. 
I wouldn't put money on an A&M win but I think it's highly likely. Hapless Mettenberger put up 300 yards of offense on that "legendary, historic" Bama D. Manziel will shred them like cheese. 

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Oregon would be the best bet at this time.  'Bama struggled with LSU again.  They are beatable.  i think if the Ducks can get into a groove offensively it will come down to who has the ball last.  Kinda like last years Rose Bowl with Wisky.

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I think Oregon is the only team with the offense that could score more than 21 points on Alabama. Oregon gave up a ton to USC, but IMO USC has a much more explosive offense than Alabama.  Oregon has the best defense they have ever had. I do think it's good enough to slow down McCarron and co, ESP if Oregon can get in a couple quick scores and put the pressure on the Tide offense.  Itend to always go with defense, but I honestly feel like Oregon can score points fast on anyone. Saban's big boys up front would be tired really quick after a few Alabama 3 and outs. The fact that Saban has openly complained about that type of offense tells you he's worried.

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To everyone (including Gary Danielson) who is saying that Oregon couldn't hang with Alabama and their defense I'd like remind you of the 2010 Iron Bowl when Malzahn's spread offense put 28 second half points on Bama to win the game.  I don't think the differences between that Auburn team and this Oregon team are that great (everyone's going to point out Cam).  Oregon can do it, they run a power spread offense as opposed to a passing spread offense, they don't sputter our like the latter.  

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WHY ARE WE NOT AN OPTION??! I would've voted for us. #homer #logic #DontCare #KoolAid 

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i say kansas state (with klein healthy).  notre dame's offense will be lucky to get a field goal against bama, and oregon will definitely get some points, but bama's defense would limit them to season lows in everything.  i could also see bama having 6-7 minute drives regularly (if oregon wants to play defense, if not, bama will score in 2 minutes every drive).  if they can control the clock and keep oregon's offense on the sideline, they'll win comfortably.  if not, they'll win comfortably anyway

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I think Oregon has the best chances

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Oregon.  They can put 70 on a broken scoreboard.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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(Warning: TL;DR)
After watching Oregon, Alabama, LSU, and KState last week, I have to vote for Oregon. My rational is that 'Bama's D is built to stop the power run, which is what tripped up Les at the end of the game. What worked and got LSU yardage were screens and passes out to the edge or clearing out the middle and abusing the blitz on 3rd downs. When LSU went with play action, they consistently gained 10-20 yards every other play. Yes, there were snuffs and sub 10 yard gains, but that was the most effective strategy.
Now, combine that with the Oregon offense, which trives off of play action and misdirection, and I think you have an offense that can really test the Alabama D. Another factor to consider is the speed at which Oregon plays at. They consisitently snap the ball with more than 20 seconds left on the play clock (don't know technical term). The fast tempo will eventually tire out Alabama's D, which is something else that Oregon's O feeds off of. They are constantly in attack mode and never seem tired of it. 
If Oregon manages to get a couple TDs against Alabama, that would force their usually slow and methodical offense to play catch up -which it is not built to do. These are the kinds of mistakes that Oregon's abysmal D thrives on, because they have the ability to be at the right place at the right time to make the interception. Alabama's O is average and servicable, but can not win a shootout. 

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Notre Dame doesnt have the offense to stay with Alabama.
Oregon is not that great on defense. I dont think they are any different than past Oregon teams and the right defense will be able to shut them down.
I think Kansas State is probably the best match up. They have a good defense with a strong offense. They are a good balanced team and thats what I think it will take to beat Alabama.

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Looking at many of these responses...I see why so many got upset with people like me that were disgusted by OSU's lack of defense even though they were still winning.  I can't understand how whether a team is good on defense or not, isn't important anymore.  I can't stand the fact of thinking of OSU like the 63-38 or 49-42 games we saw this year....just not my idea of good football (63-7 or 49-14 is though).  I grew up with some stellar OSU defenses and I want to see it again.  Screw Oregon and yes I saw it was USC that they played...still doesn't matter what players USC may have.  Oregon can't and won't beat Bama's're ignorant if you think they will...period!
Defense wins Championships...even in 2012 and this will always be a fact of football folks.  Down vote if you want...but I'm right and so are the rest that want to see defenses like Bama's or KSU (and yes as much as it pains me to say...ND) win Championships.  It's not ever going to be about who scores 100 first in a game and if it ever does, I'll never watch College football again.  

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."
"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."
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I responded to an earlier post of yours. In terms of defense-KSU and Oregon aren't that far apart. KSU is 36th, Oregon is 50th and they are seperated by a mere 22 yards per game, and 4 points per game.
Other than the USC shootout, Oregon has actually played pretty good defense.

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KSU has a better defense....despite what "stats" tell you.  That game against USC exposed Oregon.  That's all I'm saying...KSU has a better chance. If you look at it from a match up stand point with speed of Oregon against Bama, then yeah they have a chance.  However, lets look at it from a players and personnel stand point.  Oregon isn't going to beat Bama now...not to mention they may not even win the Pac 12.  
KSU wins out...they deserve it.  Just my opinion, but it's funny...many at our hated sports station are saying the same thing.  Oregon's got a great offense...not so much on defense after Saturday.  KSU has "consistently" stopped top ten offenses when they played them (WVU at home and OU at home as well and if TX wins out...KSU will be in it over Oregon and ND).  Nothing like going into another teams stadium and SPANKING EM.  Which is what KSU has done all year... 

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."
"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."
Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

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Oh ok, I won't be bothered by those bothersome little "Stats" things then since you just told me they are good. What the heck can stats tell us that you can't?
First and foremost, USC-who is absolutley front loaded with NFL talent-scored at ease against Oregon who up until that point was playing pretty solid defense. USC has more offensive firepower than any team Oregon or Bama or KState will face and would probably be able to hang points on any of those teams. Oregon wasn't exposed, they played a team with far superior offensive talent. They also waxed Arizona-actually shut them out-the same Arizona team that beat USC so what does that game say? I'm guessing nothing since Arizona is coached by Rich Rodriguez and therefore has to suck since ZOME HES MICHIGAN EX COACH.
Stats tell a lot, especially 9 games worth of defensive stats-One game skewed Oregon's numbers because otherwise they'd be right there statistically with KState. If the numbers aren't that big of a deal to you, what is that KState does so much better than Oregon? Because I can tell you what Oregon does better than KState. Oregon rushes the passer better (24 sacks to 21 sacks). Oregon forces more turnovers (26 to 24) Oregon has more Tackles for loss (58 to 47 solo). Oregon intercepts the ball better (16-13) and Oregon plays better in the redzone (Allowing points %58 of the time compared to KState's %73).
So those pesky, annoying stats actually tell us that Oregon has a better defense, save for a few yards and 4 points more per game. Everything else that matters to a D, oregon does better.

4-6 seconds from point A to point B and when you get to point B, be pissed off

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Most important stat to a d is ppg against so I'm going k st plus they play better offenses minus usc

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Good sentiment - but what makes you think the likes of Oregon DON'T play good defense? Just bc the final scoreboard has certain numbers on it and those numbers automatically disgust you? There are lots of advanced metric ways to rate defenses now, and when your defense had to play X amt of snaps due to your offense playing an absurd pace, then you're gonna by definition give up more points. Put it this way, think about how many offensive plays a game a typical Woody hayes coached team attempted. Now look at Oregon. They will have run, what, (i'm guessing) ~3x as many per game. So it makes sense that, even if on average, or per possession/snap, their D is pretty good, their aggregate result will be a lot more points given up. 

buckeyeEddie27's picture

I was listening until the ignorant if you think...line.   I'm not downvoting you but you can leave that shit out and still make a valid point.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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How quickly everyone forgets the last few times this Oregon offense has played in big games against legitimately good defenses. Bama shuts them down if they play. KSU has the most balance and probably the best chance. ND has even a better chance than Oregon, IMO, due to the fact that they would keep the game close with a solid running game and great defense.

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Oregon excels at downfield blocking - if they get past the line of scrimmage on a run, they will usually get at least five yards.  I do feel that they don't block the point of attack well, and that could be because they release guys to block at the second level.  Watching the USC game, I was amazed at how often the Ducks rely on their running backs to make one guy miss in the backfield.  If they can do that, it's usually a pretty explosive play where a safety will have to make a tackle.  I don't know it's the case, but I get the feeling that this is how their offensive system is designed.
It could also explain why they struggle against upper echelon defenses.  The Boise States, Ohio States, and Louisiana States of the world have consistently held Oregon well below all of their averages, and I think that's largely due to better tackling by the defensive linemen.
For the record, I vote for Kansas State, although I do believe Notre Dame is built similarly to LSU which just gave Alabama some problems.

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Oregon- only win 99-96 because at some point the big linebackers would cramp up.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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I hated voting for the ducks because I feel like they are fool's gold - they look fantastic during a regular season, but when they get in the post season they often lay eggs (No pun intended).

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Tough call but Oregons offense is amazing. It may break some records when it is said and done but I think they have a chance at scoring against Bama which would give them a better chance

Wherever you are, there you be!

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Oregon stinks vs top elite defense ala rose bowl vs oh st n several other examples n usc defense is not up to par. I do like barner but not more than I like klein n the superior k st defense

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Bama would roll Oregon.  Bama's OL would dominate leading to bama running wild while their D will basically do the same.  I could see a 35-21 type of score with Oregon scoring late.

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Its not like Oregon played some scrub football team this past weekend. USC is nothing to sneeze at. USC has alot of weapons on offense...

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If Oregon can get their offense to work against Alabama's Defense then they got a shot. If not, we all know Oregon's D isn't gonna win them that game.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Why wouldn't it? People act as if USC is a scrub offense.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Oregon without question, they are us in 5 years minus the brand/resources.