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With Ohio State out of the running, will you even watch the debut of the BCS standings Sunday night?

15% (116 votes)
85% (636 votes)
Total Votes: 752


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Even if we were, I wouldn't watch it.  Just another ratings show.  I'd just read the articles on the web afterwards.  And besides, like the polls now, it really doesn't mean too much only halfway through the season.  A LOT can and will happen by the end of the year.  If we were eligible, what if we ended up playing a 7-4 team for the championship, with their record ending up being 7-5 with a loss?  Assuming we were undefeated, I could see a 1 loss SEC (Alabama, South Carolina), Big12 (maybe WVU/Texas), or PAC 10 12 (Oregon or USC) team both playing for the championship ahead of us.  The butthurt would red hot for us.  With the B1G as awful as it is this year, would we have a leg to stand on?

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Prolly not. Not only is Ohio State out of the running, but the entire B1G is out! So not much worth watching. I did hear that allybama might come in as low as 5 though! That might be fun to see. 

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I think I misunderstood the question.  I answered yes.  Will I *watch* it?  No, unless I happen to be watching TV at the time and happen to flip to it.  Am I interested in the standings?  Yes.

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^^^Dead on...I mean, I would watch if it came on, but I wouldn't go searching for it. I do love CFB in general so I do care what's going on outside OSU to an extent & I will be paying attention this year & praying for someone other than the SEC to win a NC.

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Never watch these things anyway. Isn't that why we have morning newspapers Eleven Warriors?

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Agree with everyone else. I want to see the standings (normally, when we'll be in them), and even now am curious to see how the top 5 plays out. But I'd like to take 10 seconds to look at them, not have to waste an hour of my life while they dissect every team and why they are ranked where they are.

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I suppose this is another chance for a certain network to have another show for old guys with marshmallows in there mouthes and negative nancies to make news out of non news.  
What's the Sunday night match-up again?

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I just wanna know who Gene Smith needs to bribe so we can regain our eligibility this year...

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Who cares...

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I have no problem watching it as long as it does'nt interfere with the season premier of the WALKING DEAD!

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Amen to that!  The DVR is already set and it has been a LONG summer waiting for this season to start.  The best part is my oldest will actually come home from his girlfriends by 10pm for a change!

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I've never watched it in the first place, so definitely not this year.

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I never watch those silly BCS shows.  I'll go look up the standings.  Better things to watch on Sunday night, like SNF. 

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Wouldnt watch it even if they were in it.

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Never watched it, never will.  Dosen't matter if we are involved. 

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Hopefully I can find some paint drying instead.

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Wouldn't be watching it anyways