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What non-Ohio State offense is your favorite to watch?

West Virginia
31% (298 votes)
52% (497 votes)
Oklahoma State
3% (24 votes)
5% (48 votes)
Other (explain in comments)
9% (88 votes)
Total Votes: 955


NoVA Buckeye's picture

Georgia runs a good, old-fashioned between-the-tackles running duo. All the other teams run pass or sweep heavy spread offenses which I don't really like.

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johnblairgobucks's picture

^^^if not watching the Buckeyes, I enjoy watching the run game take over ball games.  Georgia has some exciting runners toting the ball, breaking off some remarkable TD runs.

eohio28's picture

South Carolina, I like the way they work the ball.


4dorr's picture

The entire list makes me vomit, especially Georgia. 


Normal Buck's picture

I confess, I've always enjoyed watching Boise State play - at least until they were held to a single defensive TD a couple weeks ago.

cplunk's picture

Georgia is one of those teams where the fans chant "SEC! SEC!" and I wonder, what have YOU won?
Nice title in 1980 with Herschel Walker. Of course, I was 9 years old and now I'm 41, but, yeah, you're an elite team.
Can't watch any of the SEC pretenders. Alabama, LSU, and Florida are for real but just not exciting on offense. I'd say for watching it is hard to beat the Big 12. Its just a fun conference because of all the offense.
Love watching West Virginia this year. I've loved watching Geno Smith since he first got there.
If the games weren't so late I'd watch Arizona. Richrod's offenses have always been fun to watch, and I can't hate the guy for his stint at TSUN because he never did us any harm.

btalbert25's picture

LSU is for real? Did you see how they played Townson last week? 

cplunk's picture

I meant for real in the BCS era. You're totally right about LSU this year.

NoVA Buckeye's picture

Gotta be a DMV hate-mod, but it's spelled TOWSON. There is no N, it's not Towson State, it's just Towson.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

JLP36's picture

MICHIGAN:  5 consecutive passes intercepted - THAT IS ENTERTAINMENT!


Grayskullsession's picture

I like to see how fast the Ducks can score. Occasionly make bets with my friends.

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Earle's picture

Agreed, but they can also grind it out (if you can call it that when they throw so much).  They had an 18-play TD drive last week.  That'll tear the heart out of a defense.

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wside buck's picture

I like watching WV right now simply because Geno is a freak of nature right now. If he ever comes back down to earth it would be between them and oregon.

ArTbkward's picture

I could watch Denard arm-punt all night long.

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RBuck's picture

This year I like watching Ohio U's offense when I can. Great execution and coaching.

Long live the southend.

DCBuckeyeFille's picture

Its fun to watch offenses that never have to face a defense.  As in, this is what a playbook looks like without that whole thing called another team.

Kurt's picture

I don't understand why Georgia is on the list.  I think there are better examples of pro-style offenses our there, previously Wisconsin and Boise come to mind and USC under Sarkisian, but maybe now Texas or Alabama...anyway, not UGA.
WVU, Oregon, Okie State...all of the above are awesome to watch.

Triv's picture

I like Oregon, because I like to think our offense will look something very similar to that by the end of this year or early next year once this team grasps the whole thing

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

Seth4Bucks's picture

I voted other for Michigan. Love watching Denard throw some ints!

btalbert25's picture

I like watching Oregon play. They have always seem to have multiple guys who can break off an 80 yard TD score at anytime.  The Black Mamba is a lot of fun to watch too.  Man that guy can run. 

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I have to go with Oregon... I'd like to see our offense run like that and be able to score so quickly.  Add that offense with an aggressive defense that Urban is building and there is now way we don't win a national title. 

BoFuquel's picture

UL Monroe, love that 2 QB system.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

741's picture

Oregon football is exciting. Beating Oregon in the Rose Bowl is bliss.

jrich612's picture

Maybe I'm just old school in a young body, but I really like watching Alabama move the that I'm back from brushing the puke from my mouth, I must say the way Saban's team just blasts everyone in the trenches is refreshing. 

kr66osu's picture

I'd go with Alabama, they're just so damn efficient. Everyone focuses on their defense, but their offense is equally as good.
I really don't like extremely pass-heavy offenses like WVU/Oklahoma/Oklahoma State etc. They ALWAYS end up getting exposed at some point, and with how bad WVU's defense is this year, their offense will really be irrelevent when they start playing better teams.
Oregon is really fun to watch as well, although you know they're going to have one of those games where they just can't get going, it happens every year

kjackso44's picture

Boston College.  End of story.

jestertcf's picture

Other: Clemson, on offense they are scary

~Because we couldn't go for three~

DetroitBuckeye's picture

They are not the best, I just love watching Wazzu's offense up there in Leach country.  One of the few coaches where no matter how bad the talent is on the field I just love watching them just for the coaching philosophies.

otrain2416's picture

Cincinatti has been fun to watch this year offensively as well especially against Pitt. My personal favorite is Oregon. We ran a quick offense in high school and its near impossible to stop if executed correctly because the defense cannot get their plays in or catch their breath. I was actually hoping our offense was going to be more similar to theirs because its very tough to defend. Love what Urbans done so far and the direction were moving

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

painterlad's picture

I really enjoy watching Northwestern. They run so many variations and just plug-and-play their quarterbacks. If Fitzgerald had half the talent Ohio State has, he would do some serious damage.

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FUqUespin's picture

I like USC's offense then, then Boise State's, then 'Bama's, then LSU's, and then Wisconsin's.  I like Pro-Style and I-formation.  Power-I.  FB and TE football - Nebraska 1994 | 1995 | 1996
Nothing beats a FB Dive that breaks into the secondary in the 4th qtr when the other team is finished and their LBs are getting run over and some safety gets his ass handed to him.  
I like running Dave - What if we had a real O-Line Coach and Coordinator way back then - Tressel ball with a real 2-deep correctly recruited O-Line and O-Line Coach?
I like Meyer's passion and success and leadership - I just don't like the spread.  It's boring.  Oregon is boring.  I love watching the SEC pound Oregon.  Loved watching Ohio State pound Oregon in the Rose Bowl where that little piss ant Oregon LB had to rip Zach Boren's helmet off just to stop backpedaling 12 yards downfield.
I know I am going to get blown up here - I don't care.  I like old-school.

msj212's picture

I love watching Georgia now. Gurley is unreal (former teammate of our newest commit Tyquan Lewis) I have watched every one of their games in high school as it is the high school I get to teach at. Awesome to watch him do in college what he has been doing for years to high school kids. Btw with Tyquan and Gurley is it any wonder they are going for their fourth straight title? We tried hard to get Gurley to tOSU but the change in tOSU staff happened at the worst time, no response really when we sent film.. Oh well.

Conroy's picture

Voted for Oregon, but after thinking about it, Air Force.  Definitely my favorite version of the triple option out there now.

MediBuck's picture

Nevada. I love the punch-you-in-the-face brutality of the Power I but the sneakiness of the zone read, and with the pistol offense, you can have it all. The best part of it is how gigantic the Wolfpack playbook is. They'll run everything from four verticals out of a spread 4-WR look to the triple option, then follow it up with an off-tackle run inside out of a 3 TE set. Too bad Nevada has such a lousy defense--their O has never had trouble putting points on the board.

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NoVA Buckeye's picture

Iowa. Two words: Kirk Ferentz. That's the joke.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

ColdBuckeye's picture

I agree. OU O Yeah!. Also, I like watching Stanford.

k-chiz-10's picture

Alabama, because they have a pro style offence and are really balanced.

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thatlillefty's picture

Of all the bowl games last year, I looked forward to the Rose Bowl the most, w/ Oregon's fast paced spread vs. UWisconsin's balanced power attack. And that game did not fail to live up to the hype. Both offenses were superb.
Right now, it's Oregon. No doubt.
But for my money, no offense in the history of CFB was more entertaining than the '06 offense led by Troy Smith. That was fun.

faux_maestro's picture

Voted WV. I'm a closet Mountaineer (lived there for 2 years, '06 and '07 when it looked like we might play them). 

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onetwentyeight's picture

Texas A&M. Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football. We'll all be hearing a LOT about him in the years to come ... 

Geraffi's picture

Love the power I, so any team that executes that well is good with me. When it's clicking its pure physical domination.