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Two New Shirts!

Introducing the “Black Saturday” and “We Don't Have Backups,” two new t-shirts available at Eleven Warriors Dry Goods.
02 Oct 2015
by 11W Staff

The Wait is Over

Finally. Our “85 Yards Through the Heart of the South” tee is in stock and ready to join your wardrobe. UPDATE: And... we're restocked.
20 Feb 2015
by 11W Staff

Sherman Shirts Back

Our classic Sherman "Undefeated Out of Conference" are back in stock, so if you know anyone that loves generals with flawless gameplans, you should hook them up.
20 Jan 2015
by 11W Staff

Hats and More Back

Freshly supplied, Eleven Warriors Dry Goods now has hats in stock, as well as whiskey and pint glasses. We probably under-ordered again, so you may want to act quickly.
27 Aug 2014
by 11W Staff