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Samsung Galaxy S5 and Chrome

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August 20, 2014 at 10:16am

Anyone else have this phone and running Google Chrome on it for web browsing? I run this combination and the top header that has the top 3 stories will not let me scroll left or right. I can only access and see the first story because I can't scroll left or right.

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I have a Note 3, but it's running the S5's software and using Chrome Beta, I can scroll right and left.

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I have the S4 and have the same problem.  

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I have been patiently waiting on this to get fixed since the new site launched. Same issue on Chrome or the regular Internet app.

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Currently using the S5 and I have the same problem. 

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Moto X, Chrome, same problem

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Moto X and the same problem with Chrome.  Haven't tested other browsers yet.

Edit - Just downloaded Firefox and the scrolling works.  May be a temporary solution for those on Chrome until it's fixed.

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Scroll across doesn't work on either of my phones, I've just been conditioned to scroll down.

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Use a computer?

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Thanks for your contribution to this thread.

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S4 with chrome and same problem.  I emailed the staff about this a few months ago and they said they were working on a hot fix, but nothing yet.

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S5 chrome, same problem

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Yup, same problem, but this has nothing to do with Braxton so I really don't think we should be talking about it.

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These first world problems are a killer

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HTC One m8 and same problem

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Using the Nokia Lumia 928 with IE and I can scroll the top 3 stories.

There are other browser apps you can download.  On my old Android phones, I used Opera a lot.

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2 words...


The regular chrome app doesn't work, but the Beta version works perfectly. The beta version is typically better on most sites IMO.

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Solved the issue for me. Thanks!

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Good to know.  I will try Chrome Beta.  I have had the same problem on 2 phones, including the LG G3 I just got.