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Comment 27 Mar 2015

Best part about this is that kid on the far right's mother is TTUN fan. Source: His mom was a teacher of mine in both college and high school.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

You should really think about capitalizing the acronym. Just a quick read through and I thought your first sentence said "I raped once." I was puzzled.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Glad to see Uncle 9r back!!! Yes!

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I agree. For the record I thought some shady business was happening around the whole Mike Weber situation. But I am not a part of the Cass Tech program. I am not a part of the Ohio State program. I have absolutely no idea what conversations either party had with each other, other than heresay by people that may or may not be "in the know." So rather than commenting on it and giving an uneducated opinion, I keep it to myself until facts are released. Who honestly knows what the case is with this situation but Urban Meyer, Stan Drayton, and the Cass Tech coaches themselves.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I honestly don't mind that fans from the other school post here. Differing opinions are welcomed and are usually upvoted by me. Having a snark remark or always seeing things through tinted glasses and never budging from those viewpoints is what gets me. It's his holier than thou attitude that rubs me the wrong way.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Not entirely true. I remember during the Michigan State game being surprised how often we were using him in the intermediate passing game. I believe he had like 5 catches between 7-20 yards in that game.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Someone got paid good money to do this.... I need a new fricken job.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

Not sure where you got that B-W link, DJ, but the roster page lists him as a senior.

Didn't expect to see my alma mater mentioned here unless it was something about Tressel having played there.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

It's what they've been clinging to for the last 8 years because it's all they've had.