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11W Dry Goods

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June 27, 2014 at 5:13pm

What's up with the dry goods? I can't order/look at anything. . .

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Yeah, all I can see are e-books, hats, and a wristband. I tried the page on both Firefox and Chrome.

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Maybe staff could help. . . 

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works on mine . using chrome

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I went looking to see if more of those hats (which sold out in 20 minutes the day they went up) were available yet and now see all the shirts are gone too... Our 11W overlords must have some licensing attorneys crawling up their asses. Which is absolutely ridiculous if true.

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We're in the process of reconfiguring our t-shirts. We should have some new styles out soon.

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Shirts, hats and glasses. Soon.

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Any word from the staff on T-shirt availability? The only thing that pops up when I go to Dry Goods are glasses and hats. I'd love to buy some shirts..... hhhheeelllllllllppppppp!

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Guys, with respect, when you are constantly sold out of all your dry goods - you might be doing it wrong. There is money laying there at your feet waiting to be picked up...