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Comment 14 hours ago

Rare player. I really had fun watching him play for OSU. It's a shame he missed the up north game due to injury.

Comment 27 Jul 2015
Really cool photos in this post. Btw, I tried pepper in my cereal today. Thought it could be good because I really like pepper. It was okay, not something I would seek out. However, I might start doing it on game days.
Comment 27 Jul 2015
Great comment! When I heard the announcement, I had questions like, "Can he run routes? "Can he block?" Which are still valid. However, a strengths based approach is probably best. We know the staff can adjust the offensive to suit a certain skill set (See C. Jones). So, I guess the greatest concern, in regards to the transition, is health. Will Miller be healthy enough to do all the crazy things we know he can do? I worry, especially because he was previously injured on a non contact play. Anyway, I hope it is a productive and injury free year for Miller in the offensive.
Comment 27 Jul 2015
Other than being used as a recruiting tool/camp, does FNL have any additional benifits to the OSU football program?
Comment 26 Jul 2015
Nice south park reference.