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Comment 14 hours ago
What did siri reply?
Comment 14 hours ago
The season is not determined by one play. This is especially true when Ohio State didn't even participate in said game/play.
Comment 28 Nov 2015

We don't need to play an SEC team, the Big Ten is clearly better this year. I will be happy with any matchup. Watching OSU play is generally pretty awesome, how can the matchup go wrong?

Comment 19 Nov 2015
I will watch live football every chance I get. Do you not remember the off season? It's terrible. So, please enjoy the live, meaningful football, while it is still in abundance.
Comment 19 Nov 2015

Hey DJ, I think this is miss leading: 

"On Ohio State's 16 seniors: 'Some are really good, some are not good... It's a great Senior Day because of what these guys have done.'"

He didn't say that of OSU's 16 seniors are some are great and other are not so great. I think he was conveying that senior days, in general, are sometimes great or not so great. Saturday is a great senior day because you don't have those players that Coach feels like pushing out the door. At least that's what I got from the broadcast.