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Comment 30 Aug 2015

I'm exctied but not NC exctied. Oddly, I'm pretty excited to see UM v Utah on Thursday. . .  could just be my cravings for college football in general though.

Comment 30 Aug 2015
Buckeyes, browns, Windians, Cavs. I mostly follow college football, the NFL is nice background noise on Sunday.
Comment 30 Aug 2015
Agreed. Maybe Jalin will be better as he gains more experience. Though, I feel that opportunity should be given to another player, a player who stayed out of trouble, untill he earns it back.
Comment 30 Aug 2015
I agree with you. Jalin was better than Wilson at putting his foot in the ground and going. And I don't think Jalin was bad, but we have guys on the roster that I think could be better and more consistent.
Comment 30 Aug 2015
I disagree. I think he hesitated and dance his way in to trouble more often than not.
Comment 30 Aug 2015
I dont care who is back there as long as we improve from last year. Jalin seemed to be nervous returning punts. My vote right now would be for Samuel, but I like the many options we seem to have.