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Two small (yet big) glitches I am noticing

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June 4, 2014 at 2:27pm

Disclaimer: I am forced to use IE on my work computer.

1) when you click to go to a story or a post, the "home" button that gets you back to the home page which USED TO work (the boxed-in "ELEVEN WARRIORS" with the little state of Ohio) at the top left of the page no longer works.  I cannot return quickly to the home page.

2) When I first go to the home page, the three "latest" stories that each have a small pic and a title with intro text at the near top of the page are not at all visible unless I scroll down and mouse over one of the stories below.


I assume this is where to provide feedback on the new site, so I thought I'd share.

Thanks much.

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how bout the site still not working properly on samsung s4?

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my first point is that unless you work for Microsoft, you need to become friends with your IT guy and get him/her to load Firefox on your PC. It is a travesty being forced to use IE. I only use it when it is necessary for certain sites.

I checked it out on IE and I don't seem to have the same issues. Worked fine for me.

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Can't do Firefox or other alternative unfortunately :/

Could be different versions of IE perhaps, or just different IE settings?

That's good info, though, squirrel.  Problem may be likely on my end.  Thanks for checking to compare.

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I'll post this now so that you answer before Jason arrives:

What version of IE?  What version of Windows/OS?

Also, my condolences on your loss.  May firefox soon be at your side to comfort you.

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Thanks!  IE 8 (64-bit version), Windows 7.

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I only use it when it is necessary for certain sites.

Same here. There's actually only one site that I need to use it on and that's specific to my work and won't work correctly with any of the other internet browsers. For everything else, though, I use Chrome.

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I'm guessing most people stopped reading after seeing IE.  Your employer has a stupid rule.

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Avail, I have had the same problems, try clicking on the area above or to the right the actual logo to get back to the home screen.

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The link to the home page is annoying, but I'm not seeing the display issue you mentioned. IE8 is at the bottom end of what we kind of support, but we'll try to get a fix out for the home page link.


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Just to give a little insight (hopefully) on why employers force people to use IE.

I work for a huge healthcare system in the IT dept and can tell you they still use IE and that is their "standard". Some of the reasons are that there are something like 40,000 computers in our environment and thru the years there have been thousands of applications written that were specifically written to work with IE. 

It's just not that easy to change browsers when you have to test said applications to make sure every single one of them work with that new browser. This applies to both In house applications as well as vendor applications. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get a vendor to make even the smallest changes like an active x control or even a java setting. 

In our case, it would be a very costly undertaking in terms of both money and man power. Money they feel is better spent on other things. 



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I have a mac and I cant put videos or pictures in my commemts. Can someone help with that? It's looks as simple as copy and paste but when I do I just get a large blank box where my photo or video should be. . .

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Best I can do is this:

However, your larger problem is that you thought getting a mac was a good idea.  That, I can't help you with. :-P

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Yeah, tried that, no good. My mac is awesome, I would never go back to pc. I can do some much more on it.

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I'll leave this here, feel free to use it if it gets too hot..

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Nice Grove - that's funny

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