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URL redirects

millertime2011's picture
May 7, 2014 at 3:20pm

Hey 11W team,

Can you make it so external links open in a new tab? Really sucks having to click back in my browser every time (after forgetting to "command-click"). Not a hard fix, but huge UX improvement.


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jeremytwoface's picture

I think sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't... Not sure why.


For example, in this article, external links pop in new windows entirely. And in this one, the external links pop in a new tab. But in this one, it does neither and redirects in the same window.

I know you can change it when posting a link here in the forum, so maybe some of the staff change it and some of the staff don't.


EDIT - I actually tried to correspond my links to what they did (if that makes sense) but the "pop-up window" one isn't working for me... May be a site bug.

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jedkat's picture

right click and select open in a new tab.

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Where is 'right-click' on iPhone?

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millertime2011's picture

Jedkat, totally know that trick, but when posting hyperlinks you can choose how they open (same tab vs. new tab). Not sure what CSM 11W uses so it may be a limitation of that, but it shouldn't be. 

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TheBadOwl's picture

Also on Chrome, command (mac) or control (PC) + click opens it in a new tab.

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joejoe04's picture

If you use Firefox, there's an addon called FireGestures that, among other things, makes it so you can right-click (and hold) on a link and drag upwards to open links in a new window. Still not exactly what you are asking for, but it's quicker than right-click, then "open in new tab." If you use Chrome, I know there's an equivalent, but I'm not sure what it's called.

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millertime2011's picture

Hey JoeJoe,

Thanks, this is cool. Basically, when you add a link in actual code it defaults to opening in the same tab. In order to make it open in a new tab by default (i.e. you don't have to do any trick like Firegestures or right clicking) you add target="_blank" to the actual code of the link (or image that links some place else). That's in actual code, I'm sure their CSM makes this a lot easier than going into the code of the website. 

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Huh? (That's actual code for "I have no idea what you just said")

Snarkies gonna snark. 

UrbzRenewal's picture

It's also a good thing to do for analytics since it reduces bounce rate (and also inflated session times) that would not otherwise be there. It's pretty standard to do target="_blank" for all external links attributes. Not sure why it isn't the default here, seems like something Jason would be on top of. Having a ton of contributing users can make it difficult if there isn't a global override for link attributes.

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joejoe04's picture

Yep, definitely familiar with target="_blank". Just not sure if they were going to provide a fix for you or not, so thought I'd offer a close alternative.

Jason Priestas's picture

Our old site had this and now our new site does, as well. Thanks for reminding me.

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Thanks Jason! You all are the best here.