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Bring Back Photoshop Fridays

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March 3, 2014 at 4:44pm

Now that we are firmly in the off season can we please bring back Photoshop Friday?  I need to see some of the creative genius that our talented graphic designer members can provide. 

How about something to kick it off featuring our new coaches Ash and Johnson?


From lantern


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Hey coach, What's North til you smell it, then west til you step in it?  Johnson, "Ha ha.  Michigan."  Ash, "Let's see, Missouri, Oklahoma?  Minnesota?"


-1 HS
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It's Friday!!


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How about one to honor our opponent Saturday? This one has sooo many options, none of which I think will at all be dirty.....


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I wonder why I can't get a certain GIF of Mark May out of my head !

+1 HS
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Neither can I - Still image only - I just can't go there


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"I do look good in Scarlet."

Chris Ash:

"Karma is awesome and all, but physical man-to-man seems to be a better way, imo."

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Nice pulling that out SL!  Forgot about it.  hahahahahahaaahaaha!


Go Bucks!

Go Bucks!

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“Don’t fear criticism. The stands are full of critics. They play no ball. They fight no fights. They make no mistakes because they attempt nothing. Down on the field are the doers, they make mistakes because they attempt many things.”