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February 14, 2014 at 3:35pm

Perhaps I'm not seeing it, but is it possible to set (or change) the default sort for forum topics? I prefer descending last reply so I can immediately see what's new.  Instead, the default seems to be most replies, so I think I have to click the sort button twice every time I load a new forum page.

Edit: Just for clarification, I don't intend this to mean anything like the newest comments box on the right side that has already been discussed ad nauseam.  Rather, I'm just referring to the sorting feature when viewing an entire forum page.

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I'll second that. I much prefer the DLR as well.

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Click the "Active" tab. That has the sort you're looking for (if I'm understanding you correctly).

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I think he's referring to this. Click Forum -> Recruiting Forum. On that page the threads are default sorted by "Replies." The method we are accustomed to (and is more logical IMO) is to sort by most recent reply ("Last Reply"). Every time i change it, it automatically gets set back to the default sort. 

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EDIT: My mind didn't allow me to fully grasp what you had written (Bad brain. Bad, dumb brain!). So carry on. But I think that would be a good idea. Post it to the Bug page.

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I second that, I liked the old way much better.

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Agree on this...I have posted the same in other topics. As far as Im concerned, this is the only negative issue I have with the new 11w. Everything else is great.

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I thought I was the only one who couldn't figure that out. Good to know.

It really doesn't make sense to not have it arranged as most recent posts first, but I have to waste like 3 clicks of my little track pad to get it that way. 


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clicks generate revenue!

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This has been fixed. Default sort for forum topics is now most recent reply date.

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