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Comment 10 Aug 2015

Love going to the local short tracks friday/saturday nights.  I'll put the races on the TV, but it's hard to sit down and watch the whole thing anymore.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

I believe they did say it was because he had no chance of competing for the second string spot.  The twitter thing was kind of an add on gripe that ESPN threw into their article.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

On the one hand, I can see/sort of understand the misapplication and misunderstanding resulting in the arrest.  Perhaps that could be an honest mistake and "retraining" may be appropriate.

However, the article says:

Dash cam video obtained by 19 Action News suggests that Smith had little trouble navigating the test. Officer Peters seemed to agree, telling Smith there were only "minor problems" in his test performance.


In his official police report, Peters appears to contradict the dash cam video, saying Smith "loses balance" and "does not follow instructions."

Granted, that is the media's perception of the video, but a flat contradiction seems more like covering your ass and lying than an honest mistake.  I'd think that is the biggest issue with the whole event.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

I watch both actually (being a Bengals fan in Cleveland), and I will tell you that the Browns are the most entertaining team to watch (and follow, especially talk radio) in the NFL.  They manage to get themselves into and out of situations you couldn't even dream of.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

Heard a comment last night on TV about how TCU could end up #2 if there were a particular result in tonight's game.  To be fair, I think the comment was directed at any blowout, not necessarily as an anti-OSU comment.  That's the only mention I had heard of that line of thinking in the media after the Sugar Bowl.  TCU fans have obviously pretty keen on the idea (and some mentioning an AP #1) since they won.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

"And yes, much like college football players, those kids should see a slice of the broadcast money."

Can we please stop with this "everyone who shows up on tv for 35 seconds deserves a royalty" nonsence all ready...

Comment 09 May 2014

This is precisely the point, though. They never could have expected Manziel to fall as far as he did, and decided on Gilbert over Manziel at 8.  I think the logical conclusion is that Manziel certainly wasn't valued as the #1 guy on the board, and likely wasn't even valued as the #1 qb by the browns.

Comment 31 Mar 2014

There were no light bulbs on the Wright Flyer.

Edison was good, but he is given way too much credit over some of his contemporaries.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Having just skimmed the NLRB ruling, it appears to only apply to football players. It also doesn't appear that the criteria used in the decision would lead every athlete to being included as an employee, although that's just based on a cursory review. Moreover, I would assume all eligible athletes would have to be together, but perhaps they could be separated by sport with their own CBAs.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

UV 'cause I'm not sure why you got a DV...

At any rate, I'm one of those fans you speak of (being from Dayton, of course). I can't say as though I've seen any similarly situated fans trolling OSU because they are also OSU fans.  Honestly, I think it's the people who aren't really sports fans and hate hearing about it that are doing the trolling, or are the die-hard UC folks you speak of who would troll anything anti-OSU, not just UD beating OSU.  Dayton has some strong basketball pride and it's nice to see them finally making something of it again.  For me, the first round game was a win-win. I took it as it was and have moved on, strongly pulling for UD to go the distance.  Had OSU won, I'd be doing the same thing for them.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

If you're referring to the DDN, then that has nothing to do with the school or the team. Would you like OSU to be held accountable for everything the Dispatch says?

Comment 19 Mar 2014

You seriously don't think there will be any fallout from this on other varsity sports at any school across the country? Or is it that you just don't care about those smaller sports and smaller school?