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Pete Rose 25th Anniversary

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August 22, 2014 at 8:00pm

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Compared to what the SEC does, this guy is an absolute saint.

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Tell that to Bud Selig.

Football is complicated...

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No more Selig!

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Pete was my favorite player as a kid and I'd like to see him in the hall. I agree with the opinion in the linked column: put him on the ballot and let the voters decide.

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I'll tell you a funny story.  In the days before cell phones were everyday use, my brother worked in the clubhouse with the Reds organization.  After Pete, you couldn't just call the clubhouse direct.  You had to go through the switchboard and they logged every call.  Who it was and what number.  Incoming and outgoing calls.  I'm pretty sure the 702 area codes raised eyebrows....

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Without Pete Rose the MLB HOF is incomplete to this point. To continue to exclude this guy is beyond infuriating. When guys like Bud Selig and/or a bunch of baseball writers, many of whom have never played an inning of baseball in their life, can keep out the all time hits leader in history of the game, at this point simply for spite, someone with a sense of fairness and compassion should be able to step in and say 'enough is enough'. Rose has paid a steep, steep price for betting ON his team to win, and the right thing to do is to let this elderly man back into the game he's lived his life for, and to enshrine him into the hall of fame where he clearly deserves to be.

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There was a point where the ban on Pete Rose, due to his inability to come clean on his gambling, made sense.

That time has long passed. I don't think anyone has paid so dearly for a transgression as Charlie Hustle. I also think that Bart Giamatti's death had an impact that left much more of a legacy than the commissioner, himself, ever did. It's a sad, yet symbolic, manifestation of baseball's ideological lovefest with itself.

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I think that eventually there will be known steroid/banned substance users in the hall (if there isn't already? I don't think there are but correct me if I'm wrong) which personally I feel is worse than anything ole Pete Rose did.  Let the hits leader in the hall.

Let's Go BUCKEYES!!!!!

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It's time to lift the ban on both Pete and Joe Jackson. 

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I'm afraid they'll wait too long, and remove the ban upon his death. It's just a feeling I have. He deserves the recognition for his ON FIELD contributions. Let him enjoy his moment in the sun before it's too late. 

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Agreed, I think they will wait until he passes away, but eventually he gets in.

He should get in NOW

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As someone who hates the Reds, yes. It's an absolute joke and embarrassment for the game that guys like Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry weren't banned but Rose was.

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4,256 hits...Not sure that record will ever be broken. Please put him in the HOF while he is still with us.

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Not in our lifetime. He is the best hitter of all time. He was also great at playing defense too. My favorite player for sure.

Little Dan

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All the old guys I know who have lived baseball since before I was born simply say "you can't bet on baseball". Did he throw games or do anything other than try his hardest to win? No. Does that matter? Not in this case. Can't put him in.

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The age old argument is "It's the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Saints."    It's loaded with guys who corked bats, spitballers, overt racists, drunks and every other walk of life; guys whose deeds on the field put them in HoF, deservedly so.   Pete's the all-time leader in hits, for crying out loud and omitting him is a crime.    Unless MLB can produce evidence that Pete knowingly and willfully fixed games, then he absolutely, unequivocally belongs in baseball's Hall.

No question.

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In. No one ever accused Pete Rose of not giving 100%+ as a player or coach and his record speaks for itself. He paid the price and deserves to be recognized while he is still alive. The players from the "Steroids Era" didn't get lifetime bans and are HOF eligible and their impact on the game was certainly measurable and negative. For MLB to have such a double standard is unfair to Rose, the fans, and the sport.

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I've lived in Cincinnati since 1979.  I've met Pete and I was in the third row behind the visitor's dugout for 4192.  Pete was one of the all-time greats obviously.  

He also broke one of the most fundamental rules in the book, then he lied about it for years.

He swears he never bet against the Reds, but consider that if he has no money on the game but is going to bet tomorrow then maybe he rests a player or doesn't throw his best bullpen guy etc.  Effectively he may have been betting against them when he wasnt betting on them.

There is no rational argument that he doesn't deserve to be in as a player, but Selig will never allow it.  Selig is out soon though so maybe we see a change.  It will be an absolute travesty if Pete gets in and Shoeless Joe doesn't however.

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It's way past time to bury this hatchet. Pete Rose should have been in the Hall Of Fame years ago.