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Pryor wants out of Oakland

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March 24, 2014 at 3:07pm

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Who doesn't want out of Oakland? That place is a disaster.


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not sure where he'd want to go. Oakland was as much of a clown show as Cleveland, IMO Oakland was the only team that would be willing to play him at QB. 

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I wonder if he is still dead set on playing QB full time.  As a Steelers fan, I love to have him fill a role similar to what Randle El did years ago playing WR/TE and essentially filling the 3rd string QB position.  

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Chip Kelly, how about a one for one swap with Matt Barkely?

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Isn't Philly in need of another QB?

Chip, have you met Terrelle?

(EDIT - Vitamin B on the phone with the Chipster before me)

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 Yes Chip has met TP before.

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It feels like forever since we had a good bowl win. :(

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Instead it looks like the Eagles are adding another washed up USC QB to their collection.



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Get the hell outta there TP!   Go Dominate Philly

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I would love to see him go to a organization that is going to benefit his development and allow him to one day be a consistent starter.

So, Cleveland is the obvious choice, right?


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Makes too much sense.


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Cleveland, the cradle of quarterbacks.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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More like: Cleveland, the casket of quarterbacks.

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Cleveland: Where quarterbacks go to get concussed.

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Unfortunately TP will not be playing anywhere. He is a freak of an athlete, but just not good enough to be an NFL QB... mostly due to his terrible mechanics and sub par pass reading ability. It would be fun to see him in a option type offense, but being freakishly athletic is equalized at the next level when technique is significantly more important.

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The Raiders are pathetic, outside of their Front Office deficiencies,one of the main on-field reasons is QB play. TP had his opportunity to start and play and didn't get it done. It's always someone else's fault with him, the fact is that there are many credible football people that said he isn't an NFL-Caliber QB and they were right. I've watched every game of his Raider career, so I've seen what he brings to the table and what he lacks. Despite what you've heard, he's not Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick or a young Michael Vick. He's an incredible athlete with astonishing physical skills, but he doesn't have NFL QB instincts. He has no concept of reading NFL Defenses, throwing receivers open, evaluating route progressions or game management. He's what he's always been, if a guy is open throw him the ball, if not take off and run. I hope the Raiders do trade him, so that the world can see what tOSU fans already know, he is what he is.

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I tend to agree with IAMCBS, however Oakland has been so bad it's hard to determine how good TP is now. Maybe another system, and better coaches/supporting cast, would allow him to develop more. Doubt it, but all I know is it isn't going to happen for anyone under the current circumstances. 

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Can't stand the Eagles, but he'd be a great in Philly.

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Bengals with a Jason Campbell mentorship and an Andy Dalton Pick 6 seminar......Awesome

Every time I set my DVR to record Biggest Loser......It always records Wolverine Football Games!

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Too funny - Matt Schwab is the Emcee at the seminar right?