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Comment 3 hours ago

Sit him down at halftime?

Comment 3 hours ago

"He doesn't even remember [when he came to the sideline]," Fisher said. "When I yell at players, five minutes later, I don't remember who I yelled at. You move on to the next thing."

Yes, Jimbo.  Selective memory, selective hearing, selective sight, selective thinking...those are the best ways to go about not disciplining your superdouche quarterback.

Comment 15 hours ago

Ah! High finance! Bulls, bears, people from Connecticut…

Comment 16 hours ago
Ridiculous TD catch by Canaan Severin of Virginia
Comment 16 hours ago
Oh how I'd love to see this be a 7-0 game at halftime.
Comment 18 hours ago

The good news is that Melvin Gordon only has 150 yards rushing today.

Comment 18 hours ago

I hope Jason institutes _arshall Law to curb all these _arshall threads.

Comment 18 hours ago

BC TD to tie it, after FSU players take a bad cheap shot on BC's QB.

Love acronyms.  

Comment 18 hours ago

Thanks for the link to the stats.  Looks like we are #5 in opponent's starting field position.  But, that includes all drives, not just drives that start with kickoffs.  Has anyone looked at our opponent's average starting field position on drives that start from a kick return and whether it is better or worse than the 25 yard line?

Comment 19 hours ago
That is just unbelievable. I'm sorry I didn't watch that performance.
Comment 19 hours ago
Yeah, but only one interception was due to a poor pass in my opinion. I would have liked to see just a few more passes downfield on early downs.
Comment 19 hours ago
Yes, the defense has improved but you have to see that we have been consistently run on lately.