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not me. Considering what TB gave up to Oak for Gruden(2 1st and 2 2nd), I can only imagine what SF would have pillaged from our draft class. I heard on the radio that the rumor was our #4, 26, and 35. Im soooooooo glad he didn't come for that price.

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Honestly I think the Browns could afford to lose a few good picks if it meant they got a coach who would get more than 5 years to build. Say what you want about Jim Harbaugh, the guy is an excellent coach. I for one am happy he is a pro and not at ttun. I think with the current roster the Browns have it would be tough for him, but Hoyer is a solid plug in or bridge QB for now. With Harbaugh coaching the Browns this upcoming season I could easily see 8+ wins for sure, and the future would be bright. I wish I had the confidence to say that about anyone they have hired since '99.  Mike Pettine will have his shot to prove us all wrong, and certainly to defy the curse around the franchise. Remember, with Pettine the Browns have to strike gold on draft day. With Harbaugh they could afford less draft value because free agents want to play for a winning coach.  I'll take Jimmy for 5 years and our current roster plus a couple 3rd rounders. His ceiling is much higher and he has proven himself at every level. In the NFL you take that all day.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Living here in the PNW we see so many "other" sides of Harbaugh and most of it is not pretty but the man can really coach, I wouldn't want him to coach my Browns but if they had pulled the trigger and he moved to Cleveland - I would support him.

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I agree that he's a good  coach, but if it's true that the Browns started these talks with SF, it smacks of another PR move to put, and keep, butts in the seats.  I would have been very unhappy had the Browns traded multiple high draft picks for a coach.  Doesn't matter how great your coach is if he doesn't have players who can compete.  We need horses more than a stage coach driver.  Just my 2 zlotys.

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gruden won a SB in tampa after moving there...

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I really don't care what he does as long as he stays out of Ann Arbor.

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Agreed - keep him out of AA

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I agree. The rumors I have heard is that he won't ever coach for ttun because they essentially told him he was under qualified coming out of San Diego. He was offended and more upset they went with Richrod who doesn't get the history and tradition of the program, not to mention runs a different offense. I always thought it was sort of ironic that Tressel came from the FCS ranks and was one of the best coaches in our history, and Harbaugh comes from the same level, ends up in the NFL and will probably go down as a great NFL coach. My guess is that ttun will look back at what could have been when they told Jimmy no thanks, and regret that mistake for years. Especially if Hoke falters.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Was this before or after they hired Pettine?
It would be total LOLz if it was after...

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It was rumored to be after.  If true, what an organizational nightmare.  I now believe it is possible that Haslam is guilty of what the cops are accusing him of.  Only crooks would deal with people in this way.





EDIT: Reports now say prior to hire.  The rest is probably valid.

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Have the Browns made a truly smart organizational move since their reincarnation?  I ask legitimately because I don't know.  Maybe selling on Peyton Hillis and Trent Richardson at the right time (right time being after selling a bunch of their merch was sold and before the odiferousness of their one good year wore off).  Ha anyone else remember all those white rhino shirts.

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Who's the Trent guy you speak of ---- never heard of him