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Which recruiting service's info do you prefer? And why?

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August 31, 2014 at 1:47am

Of the major recruiting services (247, Scout, Rivals, ESPN), which one do you believe gives the most accurate ratings and evaluations? Any given player can be rated so differently between the services, inevitably creating significant differences in the final class rankings.

For instance, Rivals has Kenny Hill ranked higher than JT Barrett in the 2013 Dual Threat Quarterback Class, whereas 247 has Barrett ranked higher than Hill.

While as the old phrase goes, everyone has their own opinion (recruiting services included), whose do you find to be the most accurate?

Birm, feel free to weigh your golden opinion here as well. 

Not only would I like to get the most accurate picture when it comes to future Buckeyes, but I've also been kicking around the idea of paying one of these sites for their premium content. Thanks in advance!

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This topic came up recently, and I think the majority of us like 247 because of the composite ranking feature.  Many of us also like whichever service has OSU commits ranked highest.  In the end, its all speculation and no one really knows who will be good and who won't be.

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247. I am just comfortable with its layout, composite rankings, and it is more aesthetically pleasing to me.

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They're all overrated. Every single one of them hyped up Leonard Fournette to be the next Adrian Peterson. He was awfully unimpressive yesterday. Meanwhile Nick Chubb looked like an unstoppable power back against a very good Clemson rush defense.

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I like scout Nevada and Bill Greene are the best

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I like Scout the best, and feel they are clearly the best paid subscription service. I also like the 247 composite for comparison.