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Nick Bosa vs. Torrance Gibson Friday the 29th!!!

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August 26, 2014 at 9:37pm

Two future Buckeyes (hopefully) will be going head to head Friday as Nick Bosa's team Thomas Aquinas will face Torrance Gibson's American Heritage in Florida.  I guess it will be on Fox Sports Florida. Can live stream it it appears.  Obviously these teams have 10 other guys on the field, it's not just these two, and it sure will be fun to watch.

Friday -- August 29
St. Thomas Aquinas vs. American Heritage Central, 7 p.m.
Prep Zone LIVE stream on FOXSportsFlorida.com
Televised on tape delay on FOX Sports Florida following Marlins game
For tickets / information:


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Thunder vs. lightning is what Don King is promoting.

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How awesome would it be to see that game with a few friends? If I lived in Florida I would be there.

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I'm not sure if I should pick a team to root for in this game or go neutral. I rooted for Heritage against Dwyer since they have multiple Buckeye targets but now St. Thomas Aquinus does also. 

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If I can't watch it. I definitely want to hear about it. Hopefully people will post some video highlights on here.

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Hopefully people will post some video highlights on here.

I agree.  Members here will likely have something up within an hour or two after would be my guess.

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I'm not sure who the underdog is, maybe Heritage? I'll go with them, but root for the OSU recruits on Aquinas to do well.

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St Thomas Aquinas is a top 5 team nationally, so yes, Heritage is the underdog (not saying they're a bad team, just that STA is really really damned good)

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We can have an open thread like we did for the Dwyer/Heritage game.

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Isn't Devante Peete on St. T also. Maybe he can get first hand knowledge of Gibson and join him at OSU. U know Nick is working him and so is Chris Carter.

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When the folks at Google need information, they call Nick Bosa.

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+1 for the heads up, GoBucks2204.  I live in Florida and set the recording reminder.  Would have been a fun game to watch live!

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One thing I took away from American Heritage's game this past weekend, they have some BIG boys up from on the O-line. Im talking 6'3-6'5 and 320+ lbs each!

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Let's hope it's just warm up until they face each other in practice at Ohio State. 

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And let's hope no one gets injured.

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Sasquatch searches for Nick Bosa!

Every time I set my DVR to record Biggest Loser......It always records Wolverine Football Games!

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Who are these two guys...

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Florida meteorologist predict a  strong Bosa front moving in for the weekend, with 120 mph winds , hail, lightning quick hits and a chance of scattered offensive parts and pieces.

Montana Silver Bullet

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If I'm being honest I want to see Nick rock him a time or two.  Not hurt him, just get in the backfield and make his presence known.  Lets see what Gibson can do when a future All-American DE is coming after his lunch money.  We'll see how bad he really wants it.

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I would rather he not rock him, just pressure him. 

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Its  kind of a win/win situation for us Buckeye  fans. I will probably root for Gibson to win while also hoping Bosa and other targets have a good game. I want Gibson to sling that rock around and really settle in as a dynamic QB.

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I have yet to see Aquinas play this year, but they are VERY well coached and always have a host of very talented kids. If Plantation is going to beat them they will need to improve their pass blocking. Regardless of the success Gibson seemed to have, they did take a while to get going in the passing game and as big as they are up front, they do not seem all that mobile. If young Bosa is anything like his brother (and people here in FL seem to think he could be better in the long run) then Plantation's size will be negated by Aquinas' speed on the edges, which will mean Gibson will have to scramble more. As we know from having a mobile QB for the past 3 years, forcing an athletic QB out of the pocket is not necessarily a recipe for success. It will certainly be a very interesting game to watch.

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