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Comment 28 Feb 2017

A brighter "day" is ahead for JT. His offensive line hopefully won't be a turnstile on the right side, and we will be transitioning to more lengthy receivers rather than converted running backs. I expect him to return to his 2014 level.

Comment 22 Feb 2017

I think his punishment had to be significant while still allowing him room to change and turn his life around. I suggested maybe a one year suspension when he was initially charged so he could get the help he needs. Looks like Nebraska kind of delayed this so he wouldn't miss much during the season. I feel like they were too light on him. You and I would be jobless after the first DUI, maybe for sure the second.

Comment 18 Feb 2017

Also, when ships are approaching on the horizon don't we see less of it then more and more of the front the closer it gets?

Comment 18 Feb 2017

Me either. You did too. Maybe people arent in a joking mood, or maybe Saban downvoted both of us. +1 to counter. 

Comment 18 Feb 2017

My question is how do they explain that you can travel to China by going East or West? But I guess if it's a disk you could reach China by going East or West. But would both directions be equal distances?

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Same for me man. Just discovered them this year and listen to them all the time. I listen to them when I'm hiking for long hikes too. Tyler had a basketball scholarship at one point but he dropped out of school to pursue music. He played for Worthington Christian.

Comment 12 Feb 2017

Just made JK Simmons my icon after keeping Will Smith's number for a year. JK is my twitter icon now too for consistency. Can follow me on there if you'd like. @Gobucks2204