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Comment 16 hours ago
That's hilarious. I was wondering if they would show a dunk, and they did at the very end. I wish Marotti could get ahold of him. I'm sure our strength coach is good, but some of our guys shrunk by the time they were seniors. We had too many twigs on the team the last few years.
Comment 22 hours ago

Well at least he will be able to visit M Man and Stravinsky now.

Comment 22 hours ago

I wanted the whole Mitchell family, but at least we got Mickey. I think there is a younger Mitchell brother named Kiwi if I'm not mistaken.

Edit: They have a younger brother named McKinley "Kiwi" Mitchell who is a Senior linebacker and running back for Plano, Texas. Runs a 4.56 40.

Comment 22 hours ago

Well that's a good way to get banned, by calling the owner of the site a Nazi. Good riddance.

Comment 22 hours ago

Probably not good for him to call someone a "nazi" if they want a good discussion.

Comment 23 hours ago

Urban's announcement of course.

Now, I would vote for Urban for president too. We could use a little E+R=O, and A to B in 4-6 seconds on Washington.

Comment 06 Jul 2015

I was looking at the difference between 80-90 million and 100 million from the players perspective. My thought processes were does Tristan really need 10 0r 20 million more. 90 million seems like plenty, but I understand he is probably just trying to do the best for him and his family, and will take more than is worth because he can.

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Can we call him Har-Bra or Harbashian? I'm asking for a friend....