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Comment 19 Sep 2016

I would put him on special teams and offense exclusively. He is the best player on their team but he is the not the best "defender." Jourdan Lewis is the best defender. I wouldn't play him at linebacker or safety. Right now I think he is spread too thin. If he took all the reps on just offense and special teams he would have a greater impact on the outcome of the games. Right now they plug him in a bunch of places to cover up their glaring weaknesses. I also don't agree with the Darron Lee comparisons. Darron Lee is 238. Peppers is also under 6 feet. 6'1 is a generous height listing for him.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Michigan has a poor running game again. Offensive line is shaky and Speight's play was concerning. The safeties got carved up for most of the game until Colorado's QB went down. I think their D line is very good with the addition of Gary and their linebackers have vastly improved with Peppers. Tight End, receivers and special teams are all solid strengths too. That being said I think they will be a three loss team. They have too many weaknesses. It looks like OSU will be 2-0 against Harbaugh under Urban, especially with the home crowd advantage. They will have Speight rattled and they won't be able to run on us either.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

The Colorado QB was carving them up. If it wasn't for their crappy punter and the QB getting injured Colorado would have won or at least should have won. They will definitely lose some games in the Big Ten and even if they sail through the majority of the season they won't beat their rivals this year. Subsequently, Peppers and most of their talent will be gone next year. They will have Gary and a few others but they in way have close to the depth we have stockpiled.

Comment 15 Sep 2016

Sounds like Peppers has anger issues. The dude who initially tweeted him sounds like some kid and he was able to get under his skin. Did we ever find out why he punched his hand through glass and wasn't able to play in the Citrus Bowl?