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Comment 13 hours ago

I know. I think with Cardale being so effective against Bama, Wisconsin, and Oregon he had built up so much currency, it was hard to not start him. I wish he would have gone to JT earlier, but oh well. Maybe next year Barrett will be firing on all cylinders. With JT at the helm next year, I wouldn't count us out of anything. Having a good quarterback is huge. 

Comment 14 hours ago

Lol. I wonder how much it would cost to fix? He'd probably have to blot out the apostrophe and then reposition the "S." What would something like that cost?

Comment 14 hours ago

I'm organizing an around the clock prayer vigil for Florida to win and Saban to be stymied and befuddled. It didn't work for Hackenberg against Sparty but who knows? It's worth a shot.

Comment 15 hours ago

In my opinion, ESPN has become too political, weighing in all sorts of controversies. I wish they would just stick to sports like 11 Warriors.

Comment 15 hours ago

We will be rolling. Plus JT will have a month of 100 percent reps and will be a finely tuned machine headed into a good bowl game.

Comment 15 hours ago

I'm so glad we crushed TTUN. I was nervous about our recruiting. The narrative was that we were quitting, having disarray in the locker room, and it was Florida 2.0 for Urban. In one weekend we shattered all those myths, and solidified our recruiting class.

Comment 15 hours ago

Here is Cowherd's take on the whole Zeke hub bub.  I really like this guy. Ever since the Harbaugh interview.


Comment 16 hours ago

It looked like the TTUN players didn't want to tackle anymore towards the end of the game. It also appeared that our players continued to have punishing hits all the way until the end. Did anyone see the same thing?