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Comment 3 hours ago

I think if you goto your post at the top and hit edit, then you can click in the title box and change it. Then hit save at the bottom. Sorry, I hope I don't sound picky,  just looking out for you brother. It will help when people scan the topics, so they don't make a duplicate post too.

Comment 3 hours ago

I grew up a big Celtics fan with Bird, Parish, McHale, and Ainge an others. After this game, I feel like I like them less and less. They were out of control and desperate.

Comment 3 hours ago

Pitt, just a suggestion for your topic title. You could make it a little more specific like "Love calls Olynyk play Bush League" or something like that. Then people will know to click on it, rather than the general title of post game presser. That could get lost in the shuffle. No biggie. I just think that will draw more people to read it for you. Thanks for sharing. I'm upset that he might not be able to play anymore this post season.

Comment 4 hours ago

I am pissed at this whole situation. Jalen Rose was saying it wasn't intentional, and blabbered on about Ronda Rousey and an arm bar.

I'm sure it wasn't premeditated but I agree it was bush league. Reminds me of other teams eye gouging players in a pile in football, or Laettner stomping on the Kentucky guy. It wasn't planned out but it was purposeful. 

Who grabs a players arm and leverages it against their body and torques it? This sucks. Love was playing great too.

Comment 6 hours ago

Do they have drive through at some chipotles? I did hear they were gonna start delivery in some of them.

Comment 6 hours ago

Oh God. Horrific. They are focusing on the flagrant but breezed right over his whole leg being bent back under him.

Comment 6 hours ago

Just checking in. So this has turned into a UFC match. I didn't know arm bars are legal now. Olynyk is a punk, and he should have been ejected.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

So there were warning signs. He needs some kind of PR firm to handle his public persona. Right now he is looking like a complete loon outside of the state up north. Some of it seems to be self-inflicted as well.