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Comment 23 Jun 2017

I read an article on our video and social media team the other day. Well worth their money!

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Urban doesn't do package deals unless they both really deserve it. Scates is getting crystal balls to OK now.

Comment 19 Jun 2017

I think there wasn't an outcry when Urban endorsed someone was because he wasn't really out and vocal about it. It kind of slipped under the radar. Everything Harbaugh does is immediately blasted out by ESPN and they even had that Marty guy follow him to Rome. I want to believe Harbaugh is doing this because he is altruistic but I'm kind of jaded by him and think he just does stuff to create hype, buzz and to help with recruiting. Same reason he jumps on stage at rap concerts and records rap songs, It's to be edgy and cool. I don't have a problem with anyone he invites but I think he is calculating in doing this. Urban goes quietly to a sister hazel concert and stays in the background.

I'll take my coach over Harbaugh and his antics any day of the week. While Jimmys traveling circus was in Rome we signed more four stars and built relationships with recruits. And you are right we need to stop posting about the guy. It's oversaturated and tiresome to hear about him no matter the subject. Every time he changes his shirt or pants it makes national news and many people are sick of it. 

Comment 18 Jun 2017

Yea. I'm with you Blu, I think the Normandy trip is an awesome idea. They can learn about history and have greater respect for those who came before us. I have no qualms with that and in fact I'm kind of jealous of them. LOL,