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247sports 2017 top 100

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August 11, 2014 at 1:59pm

Later today 247sports is releasing their top 100 for the class of 2017. I believe Michael Rockstedt created a post on this earlier but the post has apparently been deleted.

So far they have released the top 3 players, and the only 3 five star players at this early stage of evaluation: 1. Dylan Moses (LSU Commit), 2. A.J. Epenesa 3. Josh Myers.

I expected Lecounte to be a 5 star and I still do once the full 2017 top 247 comes out next year. I also expect Judson and Clark to be rated in the top 100 when the rest of the list gets released later today.

It's good to see Myers rated so high. Hopefully Ohio State can lock him up early as we really need to lock down these elite instate tackles, starting with Kramer and Eichenberg in the 2016 class, and Myers in the 2017 class. The 2nd ranked player Epenesa from Illinois also mentioned that he wants to visit every B1G school because he loves the B1G 10.

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Nice info!

What part of Ohio is Myers from? I am holding out hope you will say the Columbus area! 

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Miamisburg, near Dayton.

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I have an article coming out later today on the topic, with some quotes from some of the key Buckeye targets.

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I do feel great that Josh Myers is in the '17 class. I believe Clark will be an even better recruiter than Hilliard / Cornell. 

"You're damn right thats daddy" - Urban Meyer 

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Anyone know if Myers grew up a Buckeye fan?


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His dad played at Kentucky and his brother plays there now as a sophomore. Don't know if that makes him a fan of Kentucky, but it almost guarantees that the UK fans will spend the next two years crowing about their chances with him.

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EDIT: 305 beat me to it!

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Buckeye Targets in the top 100:

Josh Myers #3
Trevon Grimes #10
Donovan Peoples-Jones #12
Bruce Judson #16
Jeff Thomas #20
Richard Lecounte #21
Darnay Holmes #28
Emani Mason #30
Kayden Lyles #36
Danny Clark (Commit) #46
Josh Ross #50
Marcus Williamson #60
Danny Davis #64
Emmanuel Greene #66
Keyshawn Johnson Jr. #80
Anthony Hines #86

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Obviously a looooong time to go here, but I think the Buckeyes are sitting very well with 10, 16, and 21 at the least.

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And 12. We were the 1st to offer Peoples-Jones and he is of course from the new buckeye pipeline Cass Tech. He's very close with Alabi and Webb and has a good relationship with the coaching staff.

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Again, long way to go, but we look to be hitting Florida hard! The difference between this and years past is Grimes and Judson have actually visited. LeCounte too.

Also like where we stand with the in-staters (Myers, Davis, Williamson and Peoples-Jones from that state up north.

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I think LeCounte is Georgia.  Same HS as Kwon, right?

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Yes, LeCounte views him as a big brother if I am not mistaken.


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That is some serious skill position talent we are in on at 10, 12, and 16. Damn.

Class of 2016. Go Bucks!

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Looks like we are in a great position for multiple five stars.(Grimes, Lecounte, Judson) 

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Yup. Judson named Ohio State his leader over Florida after his visit to FNL stating that Florida doesn't have anything on Ohio State. He will be committing in a couple of weeks and also has a visit scheduled for "The Game." His teammate 2017 WR Juwan Armstrong also said that if Ohio State offers him, he's committing on the spot.

Lecounte has of course visited Ohio State at least 5 times in the past, including an extended visit in July. Having McMillan also helps and Lecounte is very pro-Buckeye on twitter, as well as Judson.

Trevon Grimes also stated that Ohio State is at the top of his list and that Cris Carter is in his ear a lot about Ohio State.

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