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Rob Dowdy

July 15, 2014 at 11:22am

Hey all. I'm a newer 11W user and want to point out the awesome welcome I have received thus far! Obviously the best sports website to be part of.

That being said, can anyone provide some background on this guy who happens to go to my old rival high school? He is a beastly OL from the Columbus area, 3 or 4 * and some decent offers out there. OL looks like it could be an area of need if Richmond, Daniels, or Burrell go elsewhere. CB's have him going to Ga Tech right now. Any idea if we would ever pursue?


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I hear he's headed to the U!!

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It baffles me why mid tier big ten teams don't recruit guys like this harder.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Did you go to North or Central?


I went to North AKA the forgotten Westerville school. Best alumni we have include Shaun Stonerook, and BG great Josh Harris (my other alumni)

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Good I have no problem with North you aren't douchebags like Central

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I was talking with a high schooler about his college offers (who I know personally, not creepily tweeting anyone). He was down about not having any offers yet. I told him there is a 4 star tackle in Columbus who doesn't have an offer from OSU.

"Are you talking about Rob, he's getting an offer soon."

So there's that...

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My recollection regarding Dowdy and OSU was that OSU wanted him to come to a camp here but Dowdy didn't want to camp. (like Conrad and Stump)