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Comment 29 Jan 2015
OSU isn't a school that hinges on one recruit, especially with how many DBs we've had in our classes lately. That being said, good luck to him and hope to see Alex Stump reaching over him for a sealing TD in a future CFP game
Comment 26 Jan 2015
Remember the commit drought last spring that Burrow put an end to? Oh to look back and chuckle
Comment 25 Jan 2015
Is there anything better than finding out osu landed a four star, go to 11w, find out there was a 5 star as well?
Comment 18 Jan 2015
This looked like it was gonna be a special class before the NC...but we could very well get 3 of the top 4 running backs. Bosa 2.0, sammons, and king at DE. The NJ trio. We could finally dethrone bama on the no. 1 class
Comment 13 Jan 2015
We already saw the power of a natty with Wade, Walker, and Judson. Shouldn't surprise anyone if we pull this one out too.
Comment 31 Dec 2014
Orlando Pace. Pancake that great bama d line and give cardale time to launch it 60 yds to smith. Last year- Drew Basil
Comment 31 Dec 2014
Look at the reaction on here and twitter immediately after Jalin fumbled either time in the Minnesota game and Bassdropper is more than validated
Comment 23 Dec 2014
And losing their DC after the season. While Ash is the one staying put
Comment 10 Dec 2014
I wish I could up vote this for infinity. One will have to do. Weber now has a chance to be the next great rb from our great university and I couldn't be happier
Comment 07 Dec 2014
Sounds like you're the...
Comment 07 Dec 2014
The committee flat out stated they want the Champs of the major conferences. One conference failed to provide a true champ. I might wear scarlet and gray glasses, but it looks pretty clear to me as to what to do.