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Comment 26 Nov 2016

Just saw Herman to UT at the bottom of the screen. 2022 and 2023 could be epic games!

Comment 19 Oct 2016

I'm in the exact same camp with a brother and not so great relationship with my dad. Last time we all got together it was an awkward time until the Bucks beat down Sparty in their own backyard a couple years ago 

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Hats off to Chryst and his boys. A hell of a coaching job and damn good, inspired play

JT might not be perfect but he has that champion mindset

When was the last time we saw a well reffed game? Next time you smack Urban there will be hell to pay!!!

Comment 10 Oct 2016

My bullets for this Saturday:

- Michigan stifled Wisky by bottling up the run and forcing a passing game, trusting the DBs to make plays. I think we can shut them out with this tactic.

- The playbook will need to open way up against this defense and I trust it will.

- JT has get to get in sync early and I am highly confident he will. See every big time road game in his career and how much of a well oiled machine he ran.

- Still trying to decide which bourbon to sip on all day Saturday and throughout the game. I'm thinking Blantons, let me know if any of you virgin barrel snobs have some recommendations 

Comment 29 Sep 2016

I remember my wife yelling from the kitchen during Tulsa "it's 48 to 3 and you're still intrigued?!" I had the same justification as you, she no impressed 

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Love it!! Is he being recruited as a DT, or maybe somewhere else? Could be interesting with Garrett and Cage with a possible Tuefele this year and leading for Vincent, Jones, and now Taylor for 18

Comment 28 Jul 2016

The traffic and parking situations were awful. I followed signs to get off 315 at Lane Ave as the Ackerman exit should be for the concert. Where did I end up parking two hours laters? A 9 iron from the Ackerman exit.

Regardless, great game and I'd go to another one if it happened here, just take a half day to get there early 

Comment 27 Mar 2016

Meyer usually rotates h backs as in one is an athlete and another is a big body blocker type. Like when we rotated Marshall and Brown during the NC run. We saw various athletes at the position due to Wilsons injuries. I think this year we see Samuel/Wilson depending on productivity along with AJ Alexander or a big guy like that.

Comment 10 Mar 2016

I'm assuming your going to bed by the time I'm thinking about having dinner. Been a night owl all my life and always will be

Comment 15 Feb 2016

Incubus was by far my favorite band growing up. Mr. Boyd was a huge influence on my life through music, art, and poetry.

Quick story: When I was a freshman in high school, I severely injured my back playing JV soccer and had to end my athletic life. During a tumultuous time, I turned to music, taught myself how to play the guitar while still in a wheelchair, and Incubus was my biggest influence. It opened floodgates or creativity and a totally different side of my personality that has made me a better person today.

Great post to see for me, and couldn't make me feel more old!