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Comment 23 Dec 2014
And losing their DC after the season. While Ash is the one staying put
Comment 10 Dec 2014
I wish I could up vote this for infinity. One will have to do. Weber now has a chance to be the next great rb from our great university and I couldn't be happier
Comment 07 Dec 2014
Sounds like you're the...
Comment 07 Dec 2014
The committee flat out stated they want the Champs of the major conferences. One conference failed to provide a true champ. I might wear scarlet and gray glasses, but it looks pretty clear to me as to what to do.
Comment 07 Dec 2014
Too bad scUM isn't bowl eligible or he'd have em in. Didn't he put them at like 9 in the preseason? How the f*** is he allowed to talk?!!!!
Comment 05 Dec 2014
Double win. Warriner stays and one of the best recruiters from another school goes somewhere he won't be able to nab a recuit over us. If UofM hires Charlie Weis or Lane Kiffin....I will believe in the miracle of Christmas
Comment 21 Nov 2014

I would like to apologize for the 11W community for making it seem feasible we should feel bad for them and want a revival.

After posting this, my friend sent me a link to the video of the Dontre/Marcus Hall fighting the scUM bags last year and reminded me how I was jumping up and down in the middle of Pint House screaming "Rip his f***ing head off" like Will Ferrell in Old School. That set me straight along with all of your support in this intervention. I think it's just been too long since the GAME.

Comment 15 Nov 2014
He's obviously nervous on these returns too. Panicking and not knowing where he is. Just needs more reps