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Where Do We Go From Here?

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July 11, 2014 at 10:42am

With Baker's verbal to Florida, who should we pay close attention to as our next possible commit?? I saw Harris announced he will make a decision but is waiting until December. Should we be expecting any commitments in the near future for tOSU?? I would like to keep the momentum going from June, but so far July has been a bit of a let down. Thanks for jinxing us this month haha....

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How about settle down a little bit?  July included 10 star Wednesday in case you've forgotten. 

Just chill, people.  There are guys in scarlet and gray working their tails off to put the best possible group of young men on the field and they will indeed do that.

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I dont think the OP post was an overreaction, at least not as bad as you made it out to be. The OP is right, we did just miss on two of Ohio's best talents in the last 18 hours. I didnt take his tone as the sky is falling, but merely expresses his let down and curiousity for who could possibly be up next.

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If the staff feels the need to take another LB (doubtful) they may look to Rickey DeBerry.  Only reason I say they may not need DeBerry is that we're loaded at LB for the forseeable future.  I have heard rumblings that DeBerry is a possible move to DE, but not sure on that one.  I think from here it's the usual suspects really.  I think UFM knows who he wants out of who is left on the board and they're not going to panic over 1 in state kid picking Florida, especially at a position where there is so much depth.

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That said, I think if you can get a Malik Jefferson, you make room for him, depth or not, that kid is a player.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

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We do get a visit from LBer Malik Jefferson. I say we go all in to get him

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The argument against "we have good depth" - Tracy Sprinkle. You never know when players will be leaving the team. Better to stock up With quality players when you can. Urban and OSU will handle it. Rest assured. 

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Shit. Urban forgot how to recruit again.


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No, it's Fickell's fault.

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Give the ball to Hyde!

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We're still in the lead or near leading for a lot of highly rated recruits, I'm not worried.

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OMG, how do we get another 5 star linebacker. TWO isn't enough. (is what I'm thinking on the inside)

I like Malik Jefferson. We got the hard working local kid (Conner. BTW, 2 out of 3 local top LB isn't bad). We got the 5 star stud who can play anywhere he wants on defense (Hilliard). I think a pure athletic freak to become the next Ryan Shazier, Malik Jefferson, would fit right in. Baker would have been nice but I am confident we have players like him already on this team and committed. We need the speed demon.

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IMO, we need to full court press for Christian Kirk, Mathew Burrell and Josh Sweat. If we get those 3, with what we already have, I'm good. Bank the rest of schollies for '16.

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Harris too...I know, I'm greedy

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Personally I think UFM wants a hard working kid who doesn't run at the sight of competition and IMO I don't think baker had what it takes and UFM knew that and that's why we didn't recruit at hard as others. Elite talent should never be scared of competition but baker was so he ran for the easiest place to play at for him. Best of luck to him but I much rather have Conner who has had to work for everything he's gotten and loves it that way.  

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None of us know what went into his recruitment or what decisions affected his decision. Best to avoid sour grapes

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I'm not trying to be harsh about it and I didn't mean it in any offense I am sure he has had to work for everything (obviously he has considering he so highly regarded) but I'm saying is that if a guy like conner who is a lot less regarded as him isn't afraid of competition why should baker worry about it? I have no hatred for baker or anything at all i respect him for wanting to make his own legacy out of ohio and I hope he has an amazing career i just feel like he shouldn't be worrying about playing time like he was. 

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Maybe Baker isn't afraid of competition, and he thought he had a better chance to be a high draft pick at Florida, where he will play in the SEC, which most would agree is the best and deepest conference.

Maybe Urban wanted him and he got beat out.  It happens

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Everything I've heard says playing time was a factor. But either way I agree we got beat and it happens we can't get everyone and that's okay. I didn't mean to offend anyone by my opinion or make anyone upset I was just stating what I thought happened. I apologize if you guys don't agree. I didn't mean any harm by it. 

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I understand that this is just your opinion, but those are some pretty harsh accusations and strong assumptions.

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Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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Not worried at all about losing Baker. 2 reasons, we are already loaded with defensive talent, let alone LB talent and with the direction that Floriduhh is going, I doubt we will ever play UF with him there (I hate hearing commentators talk about an Ohio prospect on another team while playing against them)

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Be nice to get one of our WR prospects or an RB committed before the end of the summer. I think Burrell is a nice possibility but who knows with this recruiting cycle.

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Recruiting, you vile temptress...