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Having leaders of the class.

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July 9, 2014 at 5:49pm

I really think it helps a lot.  Last year we had great leader in Webb and crew.  This year we got Cornell and Hillard taking over as leaders.  It really helps and also as a fan I will root for these guys for life.  

It may be my bias but it appears Hillard and Cornell recruiting harder then anyone else at the opening.  



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I love seeing that hat everywhere the camera is!

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The first real leader of the class was Joe Burrow. Without him, do the dominoes fall in such quick succession?

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Glad to have Burrow but I really didn't see him out there doing recruiting like these guys.

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Because he's not there?

Read my entire screen name....

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I don't know if your being sarcastic or not.  Hillard and Cornell did more recruiting in the two days after they committed before the event then I have seen from Burrow since he committed.  Not bashing Burrow but just stating that Hillard and Cornell have embraced being leaders of the class.

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Burrow does more DMing then public recruiting. Trust me, he's recruiting. 

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Yea it is pretty neat, right after the commitments of Hilliard and Cornell, Matthew Burrell's coach texted me saying, "It is amazing how the recruits are better recruiters than coaches."


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Easy to see why. Coaches don't go thru all the changes of high school to college that the players do. Coaches can leave whenever they want. Players could too, but it's much more difficult. Players only spend a few hours a day with the coaches. They may spend half their day with the other players. 

Player-player relationships and hearing from current/former players about how things work is a big time advantage to schools. 


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I hope that they are recruiting hard, but not being too bothersome about it. It's like going to a car dealership and being bothered by a salesman. You may want the car, but the salesman bugs you so much you leave and go somewhere else.  It seems to me that Josh a Sweat is a pretty quiet kid and would be turned off if all he heard from Hilliard and Cornell was come to OSU over and over. I hope our 3 guys out there just build solid relationships with the others and recruit guys like Sweat, Harris, Burrell and even Gibson without being THAT guy. Hope that makes sense.

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I'm picking up what you're putting down

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It's called " The third party influence" Very effective in recruiting!

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How do we know Burrows isn't helping as much with the recruiting front? I think most of us are going by media and tv. There are a lot of conversations going on that aren't captured by the media. It's hard for me to imagine a QB not trying to hand pick his receivers.

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