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Comment 19 Apr 2016

I think S.Collier and J.Burrow both look solid.  

T.Gibson is going to be a first rounder.

I really like our DE.  Davon Hamilton plays angry.  M.Hooker looked really sold.  J.Baker is going to be a beast.  Oline seems solid at tackle but for all the talent we have at Gaurds sure seemed the weekest area.  Dixon, Clack, Camble, Mclaurin lots of talent.  

I really like this season because I think get all the players equal touches last year hurt us.  

Comment 11 Oct 2015

Gosh I may need to stop reading this board like I did Hiney.  Scum forever have and forever will suck. Get this drivel off this board.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

When I see him put up that type of yards against against the quality of teams Eze did last year then I'll agree.  Both great backs and I think will be stars in nfl.  I'm looking forward to watch Fournette vs Alabama.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

Yeah because last year was 100% realistically as well right?

How about supporting a coach who wins 96% of the time he has coached our team?  

Watch the diffence between.  Damn this D sucks and The D needs to clean up the angle letting those big plays against a team like MSU could cost us.

There people who will never be happy in life and those type of people look at the bad.  

True Buckeye fans support the team in victory and defeat they make post like:

It was good to see Cardale have 75% completion and 300 yards passing.  Having JT come in during the redzone seem to work well.  Also with the turnover problems it was nice to see us clean that up this week.  I'd like to see the oline dominate from the opening snap.  We need to get back to stoping the big plays that could cost us in the future.  All besides the opening play pass D was really good.  

Thats a little diff then pure negative post.  

Comment 10 Oct 2015

The Dline has been lights out.  Its been bad angles on the big plays from the LB and Safety spot.  The Dline has had constant pressure.  The oline starts a little slow but we average almost 7 yards a carry as a team.  The oline just wheres the other team out.  Last year we beat Maryland by almost the same score.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

What people don't say is EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE we play is out to knock off "The Defending Champions, The #1 team in the county and Coach Urban Meyer.  We have giants targets on our back and teams are hurting there seasons playing us this way.  VT lost there QB for half the season maybe the whole season.  Indiana lost there qb and I think there top rb.  Watch the teams that have played us and how they lack the same energy they had on the field with us.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Conley had a minor shoulder stinger.

I don't know the Baugh over Vannett.  But my guess from Urban Meyer chatting lately is that he has been unhappy with Vannett blocking.  He keeps talking about edge plays not working cause WR not blocking I have a feeling thats Vannett.  Urban has also said last two weeks that Baugh is a player who deserves more playing time.  

Comment 04 Oct 2015

This is so true.  My first OSU board was Hiney Scout board.  I left there because the posters/fans there our terrible.  It was such a breath of fresh air when I found eleven warriors.  This place has gotten worse lately (still best OSU site on the internet).  

I for one don't care if we lost every game the rest of this year I would still be an OSU fan and cheer every weekend.  I would still thank the lucky stars for last year.  What Cardale did for this team last year.  What Urban has done for this program.  Worry about how many points his team won by and not enjoying the fact of just winning is what put Urban in the hospital whlie Florida coach.    

I understand people thinking JT should start.  Or think the play calling is bad.  Or we need to be better at securing the ball.  But to verbally attack young men playing for the team you call yourself a fan?  A team that has Given us 43 Wins and only 3 losses over the last four years.... If you do that you don't deserve to be lucky enough to be a fan of this team.  I've enjoyed every step of this unbelievable run we've had since Urban Meyers taken over.  How miserable of a human being someone must be to insult there team and there players that have won 94% of the time.  In sports nothing is ever perfect but OSU been about close to perfect as you can be in college football since Urban Meyer took over.  Being a true fan is to support your team even if they only won 6% of the time instead of 94%.  Sorry for the rant it just really bothers me fake fans attacking our players.  Fans should realize how lucky they our they get to be fans of one of the best damn college football teams ever.   To see keyboard warriors attack players who've done more for this program then they will ever do just really boils my blood.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

And those people will live a bitter unloving life and this team will have always been immortalized as the First EVER College football playoff Champions.  Heck I wish I could follow them around for a day at there job and tweet mean **#(#* to them every time they made a mistake.  

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Ohio State and MSU would beat both these teams.  

People forget that each team plays OSU and MSU like its the last game they will ever play.  Teams our ruining there season playing us like that too.  Look at the teams that played us.  Losing there best players etc.  Watch the 4-1 Indiana go down in flames now that they lost there qb/rb and put everything on the line to play us.  OSU and MSU get that every week.  

Its amazing that people think last year we where an a unstoppable force.  It wasn't till the Big Champ game we stepped up.

Also funny that yesterday CJ and Eze had career days in yards.  Suck on that for a minute.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I know all fan base have idiot fans but it really boils my blood how spoiled some of this fan base is.   I honestly would physically hurt those people that where being mean to Cardale on twitter.  I don't care if Cardale never wins another game the enjoyment and happyness he brought me last year he will always be a buckeye legend in my eyes.

We've experienced loss 3 times since Urban Meyer has been our coach let that sink in.  4th year 3 losses.  Thats unreal.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Whats amazing to me is everyone acts like we didn't have games like this last year.  Tyvis and Jalin seem to have games like this every year.

The few issues with the team that bother me.

1.  Snapping the football.  I'd sit Boren if he does another bad snap.  

2. Refs this game was one of the worst ref games I've ever seen.  Even ball placement for us was one way and for other team other.  You can't tell me Urban Meyer can't get something done about the holding going on.  Watch Joey Bosa and see if that man isn't held on 90% of the plays.  If I was Urban I lose my mind.  The ignored pass interferance where Conley was thrown to the ground how do 8 refs miss that.

3. Turnovers 

4. Redzone O.  You can't tell me a screen pass to Braxton wouldn't work.

5.  No Tight End usage.  

Things I like

1.  Where undefeated.

2. Eze is just a beast when he did a high step and kicked it to another gear so amazing.

3.  Our D.  Tyvis had a bad game yesterday but this D is legit.

4.  Where really not that far away.  Fix a few disapline issues and where there.  Powell catch interception or doesn't take an awful angle on qb run some of the penalties go our way and Marsahll hangs onto ball and this is a blow out.