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Comment 19 Dec 2014

Sure your watching the same player?  I've only seen Vonn Bell make saving tackles as last line of defense.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

I'm so glad someone else said this.  I've been thinking this for a while.  Vonn is one of my fav buckeyes and behind Joey I feel he is our second best player.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I was so frustrated with C.Grant at the first half of season.  He seems like it all clicked for him during the Michigan State game.  It a shame it took so long to click but I think off pure athleltism someone will take a late round flyer on him.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

No its a brutal game.  Also the thing that makes it worse is it was a wrong read and he shouldn't have kept the ball himself.  :(

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Oh comon this is banter between teamates.  I grew up a OSU fan and moved to Michigan when I was 13.  You should hear all the awful things I said about Michigan and all the awful things I heard about OSU while my friends and I talked trash to each other.  This is carebear compaired to that.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

Next year is going to be so much fun.


Joey Bosa as a JR.  We really need to enjoy him in his final season.

A.Washington I think he stays 1 more year and moves himself up draft boards.

Jayln Holmes has looked good in his limited time I expect big things from him.


This is soooo deep.

R.McMillan will be a star out there next year.

Daron Lee just going to get better and better.

J.Perry has come on as of lately.

(Trey Johnson, Dante Booker and so much more talent waiting in the wings.) It would not suprise me at all to see D.Booker taking someones job.


Vonn Bell - My fav player on D not named Bosa.  He has become a solid solid safety.  4 Int in the last 5 games and he has stopped so many plays that would have gone for a lot more if he didn't get the 1 on 1 tackler.  I expect him to be a first or second round pick.

Eli Apple - He has just gotten better and better and has really become a good tackler as well.

The second CB spot we have - M. Lattimore, G.Conely, D.Webb and so many more.

Erick Smith - he has been great on special teams I expect him to see the field next year.


Really don't need to talk about this.  If they remain healthy the strongest unit and depth in CFB.


Eze is becoming a star.  I expect next season to be his last.  1402 yards 6.5 per carry.  He looked like the best running back on the field during the Wisconsin game.  His blocking is amazing and NFL teams love a RB that blocks like him. 

Dunn looked really good in the Wisconsin game.  I think he would be a starter on most teams.  

Curtis Samuel - He has played amazing as a freshman.  This guy needs the ball in his hands.


Now one thing we will feel for sure is Devin being gone.  He just has made big play after big play.  He made himself a ton of money against Wisconsin.  Very sad to see him go.  I'm hoping James Clark can take his role.

M.Thomas will be our number 1.  

Dontre Wilson - I think next year he puts it all toghther and has an amazing season.  People where rough on him but he played hurt and had huge TD grab for us.  I think he finds out how to break those shoe string tackles next year.

J.Marshall - Very excited to see him grow.  

Lots of Depth - Terry Mclaurin, Jonnie Dixon (Hope his knee's arn't serous as he is a #1 wr talent), Noah Brown

Oline - I excited about this group.  Had a poor unit grow into a solid unit this season and some talent on the sideline that may be hard to keep of the field in D.Knox, J.Jone, M.Burrell and loads more.

Next year really will be an Urban Meyer squad.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

From his Jr to Sr season its amazing how much better his handwork was.  Really amazing how much he was held as well.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Grant and Bell.   Bell is the most underated Buckeye.  He has been stellar this season.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

This is why I love Urban.  He was very quick to speak up on this.  I couldn't imagine not being able to see my child in one of the biggest moments of his life because of money.  Especially when he is earning the NCAA millions to play in the game.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Henry, Yelton, Cooper thats three players that will keep Ash, Fickel and Urban up late at night.  I want this win more then any other win ever.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Who cares what anyone but the committee thinks at this moment :)

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Back in 98 I was fresh out of highschool and got a job.  At my work place everyone was a Michigan fan in Michigan.  During game week blue and yellow balloons would be a suprise for me at my desk.  

Comment 28 Nov 2014

Off and on for 30 years and only dating??????  Wierd story

Comment 27 Nov 2014

You my friend gave this man a jewel.  "buy them a jersey have them watch a game wearing said jersey tell them how wonderful the look in so said jersey aquire gf that is now a fan of team".