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Charlie Strong taking a page from Urban's playbook

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July 3, 2014 at 8:50am

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Texas is going to be back in a big way under Charlie Strong. I wish the OSU/Texas home-and-home wasn't 8 years off; I really wanna see UFM and his star pupil square off. Maybe in the playoffs?

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I would say in 3 years that is a great possibility. 

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A&M is killing UT in recruiting right now.  Strong is going to have to win some games to get the tide turned.

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I think Sumlin is going to a traditional power after this year.  Florida maybe? Once he leaves then it's gonna be all Texas.

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I don't think he will leave.  They're paying him quite a bit at aTm.  He'd be nuts to leave that especially since they're legit contenders now and are pulling in recruits.

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But for Florida? Imagine the recruiting classes he could pull based off just being the new thing (Franklin/PSU).

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I'm gonna hold off calling them "legit contenders" until we see what they do without their do-all-everything qb. They have brought in solid classes but he's been there a few years and that defense was still awful, JM just made up for some of it. 


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Strong is a good coach, he's going to get run out of Texas though. Just my opinion, but from a distance it kind of looks like a UM/Rich Rod situation.

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I agree. I can't remember where I read it, but there was a very good article written recently that pointed out how strong is and will struggle recruiting Texas because almost none of his assistants have Texas ties.

it will be hard to compete recruiting-wise until he gets some relationships established. That was why NOT getting Tom Herman hurt Texas in more ways than one.

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