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Did Hilliard and Cornell forget one of the "big guys"?

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July 3, 2014 at 2:22am

Been reading a lot of the articles and watching the interviews with Hilliard and Cornell.  They keep talking about wanting to be recruiters and mentioned wanting to recurit the "big guys" to join them as Buckeyes.  Hilliard specificaly mentioned Sweat, Harris, and Burrell.  I'm big on Christian Kirk, so I'd hope they would consider him as a priority.  Thoughts?

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Hilliard hung out with Kirk on a visit a few weeks ago, so Im guessing that he'll be hitting Kirk up asap if he hasn't already. 


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Cornell and Kirk are both on team Vapor Carbon at The Opening, along with Seattle, I'm sure he'll be talking to him plenty. Hilliard also said him and Cornell will be buying OSU gear to wear at The O-H-I-Opening. So you can expect something similar to when he showed up at the Rivals camp:

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Hilliard mentioned going after Kirk in the Q&A after his commitment. I believe it is on the 11w youtube.

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I just watched the 11 warriors stream of the commitments. First off his dad never shows emotion which was kind of funny. Second off, his brother looked to be in such an awkward state since he is playing for Iowa and when Cornell committed he sort of sarcastically clapped. It was actually kind of funny.

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Great point - if he would have committed to the Hawkeyes the brother would have stood up, giving hugs, high fives etc... I actually thibk he may have pooped his pants knowing he had to play him in the future

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I hope they try to get Kirk out here but he seems like a long shot imo.

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Why does it seem like a longshot?

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In my opinion, I think Texas A&M leads for him. While I would say we're #2 in his recruitment, I think A&M is going to be really tough to beat. But if anyone can do it, it's Urb & Co.

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Would be cool if Hilliard's brother, CJ, turns out to be terrific and in a few years we see a hyped up Iowa game featuring an entertaining lead up to the game. Brother facing off against brother. Good for them individually, for the schools, the conference, and football in general. I believe this class is on the verge of exploding and doing exactly what Justin wants it to do...overtake the vaunted #1 recruiting class in the country. It is possible, even with a class of 17-20 members! A new Buckeye era has dawned, brothers, and we are its chroniclers!

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I love the optimism but I think it would be nearly impossible to be the #1 recruiting class this year. As of right now Alabama has something like 17 players committed from the top 300. I think we have 4. Unless a lot of the Bama commits flip, I wouldn't expect it realistically. 

The person responsible for toes clearly wanted you to stub them.

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Same as last year. Bama was so far out in front last year as well that it was nearly impossible to catch them. This year they aren't as far out in front yet, but they still have some big fish out there.

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I also noticed that his dad was pretty quiet.  Wasn't dad the big ND supporter in the family ??  Not picking Iowa was also a good move for Justin's brother, since I'm sure Justin didn't want to steal his brother's "thunder" in Iowa.  Besides, much easier for the family to get to Columbus to watch a game, than at Iowa or ND ....

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my goodness, some people over think the shit out of what prospects do/say. 

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His Father might just not seem Emotional!!


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Hid dad actually grew much closer to Urban than Kelly over the process. His dad was happy with the decision, just being in the media and national exposure isn't for everyone. Some respond in different ways.