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Patrick Allen has narrowed his list down to a top 5

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July 1, 2014 at 3:49pm

Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan and Tennessee. I'm willing to bet that's in order as well. He will take official visits to each school starting with UGA in September, before deciding on his school of choice. FSU and LSU are two schools who he still hears from a lot that has a chance to slip into his top 5 in the future, but right now those first 5 are the only ones he is focusing on for now.

I don't believe he will end up in this class. With Burrell possibly deciding this month, Daniels deciding this month, Prince looking to commit before the end of the summer, and Richmond commiting on Sept. 9th, there may not be any room for him. We'll see but right now it looks like Georgia will be getting a stud OT at the end of the year.

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OSU may not lead for any of those guys besides burrell

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Richmond grew up an Ohio State fan, and a poster on the Tennessee 247 board said a few days ago that his top 2 has always been Tennessee and Ohio State with Bama hanging around. His visit to FNL will possibly be his last visit to any school before he decides in September.

Daniels will probably end up at Iowa imo, or Alabama if his offer is committable for them.

And Prince has a strong relationship with Larry Johnson dating all the way back to LJ's days at Penn State. We are right up there at the top for him with Maryland.

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Maryland will be hard to beat for Prince. They were relieved they are still on top after his OSU visit. His high school coach likes Maryland and Prince likes his input. We will see.

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Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan and Tennessee.

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great info 305......thanks.....you should be getting paid....hope thats your goal......


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Thanks, and no. I just love following recruiting and bringing info to the board that some of you all may not see.

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do you have a day job? all jokes aside you've been very resourceful. 


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No, just got out of college for the summer a couple of months ago.

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305 has been killin' it lately. Thanks for all the info. 


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Why go to Georgia is there any where else on earth other than OHIO STATE?

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Thanks 305. So I imagine that you will be watching espn.com, following Twitter, and tracking a dozen web sites tomorrow morning, eh?

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Lol nope, just espnu to watch Hilliard and Cornell pick the good guys. Then I will spend the rest of the morning on the ND 247 board watching the meltdowns and reading the "we didn't want them anyways", "they were overrated", "Urban Meyer is the devil" posts.

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Urban gets what Urban wants.