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June 20, 2014 at 8:56am

I was browsing around on Rivals and eventually found myself looking for Carlton Bragg news, and from what I've read we're still in the mix, but Kentucky looks to be the front runner now.  I have nothing against the kids we have committed now, because they're no slouches, but I would rather us be able to keep elite players from Ohio at OSU. How likely is it that we miss out on two in-state 5 star prospects?

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If osu doesn't get Bragg, they get esa Ahmad IMO. Many argue that Ahmad may end up better anyway. Ahmad is an ohio kid as well.

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Esa will be remarkable IMO and I doubt he's a one and done-r

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We should go after Bender. He has some real upside.


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Right now, it's awfully tough to compete with UK. Just being honest. If I'm a mega recruit and want to be one and done as an NBA Lottery pick, that's probably where I'd go too.

Then again, with a kid like Bragg, you may be able to convince him that at OSU he'd be the star of the show. Whereas at UK, he may have to be a 6th man. It just depends on what's most important to a recruit.

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Whereas at UK, he may have to be a 6th man. 

Always a risk with Kentucky.  If you're not starting, you may never start considering all the talent they bring in year after year.  

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I've read some who think Ahmad may turn out to be as good or better. I don't think we take both, since they play the same position, and Ahmad uses his body well and appears very tough. 

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And I would much rather take a guy who plans on sticking around a few years to develop.


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Thad has done a great job at OSU but the reality is that the program isn't Duke or Kentucky. 

Not getting Kennard and Bragg both would stink, but ever since Bragg was offered by UK I've been of the opinion that he's headed to Lexington. The thing that drives me crazy is the people who act like Thad's not even trying to land these guys. Of course he is. 

I think we'd all still be happy if OSU gets commits from Esa Ahmad and Daniel Giddens to close out the class.

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Yeah I think most people would be very happy with that class, we would be bringing in some serious talent

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Grandstaff IMO completely makes up for losing Kennard, and if we lose Bragg then Ahmad and Giddens would be just as good. Thad killed it this year recruiting even if he misses on a couple 5-stars

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I love Grandstaff! I think he will be a crowd favorite in a couple of years.

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Agreed he is a head turner and the real deal

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We could easily be like Duke or Kentucky if these kids from Ohio wouldnt keep bailing on their home state. Just saying.

Go Bucks!

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We could easily be like Duke or Kentucky if these kids from Ohio wouldnt keep bailing on their home state. Just saying.

Maybe. OSU basketball does not have near the following of Duke and UK. Matta has to deal with OSU being a football school and I think he has done an amazing jog considering. In a survey about best college hoop fans OSU didn't even make the top ten, which included such college blue bloods as Arkansas and Oklahoma State?? We did finish 3rd in the Big Ten.


I did find this which puts OSU hoops in the top 5 for fanbases. It, unlike the one linked above, doesn't take in performance. I guess you can find a study to support almost any argument. OSU has A LOT of fans, but passionate hoops fans?


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I truly believe Thad will never get the elite players until he wins a title. Oh he will still get good players to commit, but not the elite, not the 5 star. Sorry, that's just how I feel. Nothing against Thad, but it is what it is. When your 5 star players start leaving en masse, its not a good sign.


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5* players Thad has received commitments from: D'Angelo Russell, Jared Sullinger, Deshaun Thomas, William Buford, BJ Mullens, Kosta Koufos, Mike Conley, Daequan Cook and Greg Oden. Hard to say he will never do it when he has already done it numerous times.

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This is a stupid comment. Matta has already landed numerous five stars including guys like Oden and Sullinger who were arguably the top prospects in the country.