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Comment 04 Nov 2014

I didn't know what to expect when I clicked on the link, but those comments are hilarious!

"If our students dance for a few hours and raise money for referee charities, doesn't that excuse the whole thing?"

Comment 02 Jul 2014

I'm looking forward to watching an angry football team this coming season after the two losses to end this year. I have a feeling these next couple seasons will but fun to watch for us buckeye fans!

Comment 20 Jun 2014

Yeah I think most people would be very happy with that class, we would be bringing in some serious talent

Comment 18 Jun 2014
Im guessing he's responding to the question that was asked in the post, whether we would accept fullwoods commitment or not
Comment 17 Jun 2014

To be fair, I've seen multiple things on twitter saying that there is good news on the way. I think he had good intentions when he wrote this post, but I agree with others that this post is kinda pointless until we have more information. I would at least want to know who the news is about

Comment 29 May 2014

Addressing them isn't going to help your cause. Acting like you don't care when you actually do isn't either. Just don't worry about them

Comment 29 May 2014

Does his highlight tape remind anyone else of Reggie bush? That's obviously a pretty big comparison, but by how fast and athletic is, and his one flip into the endzone, that's who popped into my head 

Comment 22 May 2014

Pat Narduzzi? We obviously know he can coach up a defense and he has some Ohio ties

Comment 06 May 2014

Ha that's what I was thinking. At this point I feel like there have to be a couple teams on that list that you can pretty much eliminate from contention already. I mean sure anything can happen, but it doesn't seem like he would commit to many of those teams

Comment 23 Apr 2014

I like the helmets, not so sure about the jersey's though. I think it's definitely time for the Browns to change their uniforms though 

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Haha I ordered PJs a couple times freshman and sophomore year, and everytime I would get halfway through my sandwich and have no desire to eat the rest of it

Comment 06 Apr 2014

From reading the story, it seems like he didn't even get into a fight. Personally I don't think what he did deserved being arrested.

Comment 01 Apr 2014

Just got 22,558 ha. I've found that you don't want to swipe up if you don't have to and it's easiest if you keep your highest tile in one of the bottom corners