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DeAndre McNeal - TE for 2015?

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June 19, 2014 at 9:50pm

I saw that he is at OSU for camp and had a few crystal balls for OSU today. He's listed as an OLB and TE in the recruiting databases. Does anyone know if he is an answer at TE?

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Read that Ohio State is looking at him as a TE/H-back, and he dominated at camp these past two days.

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Dudes a Beast!!


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He has some very good offers. He doesn't quite have the height of the TEs they've been looking at, but maybe he is still quite effective. 

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Still has time to grow 

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Remember the last 6'2 TE Meyer had...

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Yes, I pray that he's only like him on the field though.

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He is awesome.


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From what I've read he's pretty versatile athlete...decent speed for his size and good hips.  They had him workout at linebacker and wide receiver and he looked great at both positions.  Probably something similar to Noah Brown from last years class.

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Ohio State told him they are recruiting him as a WR. 

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That is surprising IMO. I really hope osu only takes 2 more WR. Jefferson/Kirk maybe?

it just seems like they have SO many young receivers already....