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Damarkus Lodge commits to Texas A&M

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June 19, 2014 at 2:52pm

Does this in any way, shape or form, help us with our chances landing Christian Kirk?

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Beat me to it JSS!  I'm thinking this has to improve the odds of it happening, particularly with them having Kemah Siverand on board as well.

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Great point I would think this helps us drastically 

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I  wonder if the fact we play 3 wr's and run 60% of the time and they play 4/5 wr's and throw 70% of the time will be used against us. For the record I think we open it up with a ton more passing this year and hopefully it will benefit us the same way Meyer getting his first 1,000 yard running back put a stop to the negative recruitment of RB's

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Good point Groveport; Meyer just playing hands dealt (and future cards taken) - - we can't assume that what he's done in the past will be what he does in the future.

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I put this in the other Christian Kirk thread but I think it should be mentioned here...

A&M now has 3 WRs in this class

4 WRs from 2014 class and 7 WR from 2013 class. How many more WR can a team take?

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When you run 4 and 5 receiver sets every play, and assume a transfer or 2, plus an injury or 2, only counting those classes you're down to around 10 for those 3 classes. That's a 2-deep for a true spread passing team. 


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It will be interesting to see how that team performs this year without Johnny Football slinging it around. 

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Or that  top 10 left tackle. None of those incredible players grow on trees.

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Actually, the guy replacing Matthews played RT last year and he's moving to LT, he's projected to go in the top 10 as well.

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