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Ricky DeBerry affected by Conner?

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June 18, 2014 at 1:16am

I know that DeBerry plays Outside and Conner plays inside, but just curious if Conner's commitment affects DeBerry?  Would we take Baker, Hilliard, Conner and DeBerry if they all wanted in?  Sounded like we didn't want more than 3 LBs in this class?

I feel like DeBerry could be a catalyst for the top VA talent like Hilliard might be for this new wave of commitments.

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I do not think berry going to osu is a "real" possibility. He is going to play a more 3-4 DE type role. But I do not think he's coming here regardless of anyone committing. 


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I think you mean its more of a 4-3 DE (3-4 DE are more like 280, he's a solid 250). I agree with that. I don't see Deberry being an OLB once he gets into his college career. He is going to be an excellent rush end for some team, and I wouldn't mind it being OSU.

and I agree that I don't see Deberry being effected by Conner. maybe others will but not him.

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DeBerry has the size and athleticism to be a 4-3 DE, 3-4 OLB, 4-3 OLB, or even an inside backer in either scheme.

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yes haha thank you that is what i meant!


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I'd think that DeBerry is currently a little further down the list than a few guys Ohio State is still pursuing.

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What about SKL?

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I think SKL went out the window when he committed and then OSU took Conner.

I would say its 1. Hilliard and 2. Baker. If anyone is the next person it would be DeBerry.


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Exactly. Staff would have kept after skl if Conner hadn't earned an offer.

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I think the staff would still take skl if he would visit and flip. We are just taking one qb and one TE when we all thought 2 of both. 

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Yeah I was stoked about DeBerry early, but it sounds like OSU has lost a lot of steam with him. Hope I'm wrong, but that seems to be the case.

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I think DeBerry either ends up at Clemson, Bama or Ohklhoma. I believe Clemson will win out, as they recently got a verbal from DeBerrys friend Clelin Ferrell. 

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I don't think they are done pursuing SKL because they are only taking 1 QB now and our new long snapper McCullough is essentially just taking the scholly vacated by Marcus. I think SKL ends up at FSU at the end of the day but if the OSU staff can get him on campus I think they will. Some guys you just take if you can make room for them. That being said a package of Connor, Hilliard and Baker is waaaaay more than good enough! Best '15 LB class in the country just like the '14 LB class was but then again I am biased. 

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Marcus didn't necessarily vacate a scholarship.  When he left, we got down to our limit of 82 for the season.

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You are correct... my bad!

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I thought DeBerry was being recruited as a WDE??

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Deberry is a DE. I have seen little film on him playing standing up. He'd be a nice addition, but I like the idea of Conner,Hillard and Baker.

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There are a few positions where you can never have too many great players - LB is one of them. Going to be interesting when it all breaks down on NSD

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DeBerry will play in the spot Noah Spence currently occupies. Shouldnt have any effect at all.

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