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Comment 12 Feb 2015

Other key components to making a playoff run:

- offensive line

-tight end 

- wide receivers

- defensive ends

-  (other) defensive tackle

- safeties

- corners

- linebackers 

- quality coaches

- depth

i guess if Rutgers somehow manages to find this you'll be in the playoffs, but it's highly unlikely. There's a reason Rutgers has only had one good year in the last 20...

Comment 08 Feb 2015

Oden and I don't think it's close.  Sometimes his nba failures make people forget his ncaa brilliance. He single handily tore apart Joakim Noah and Al Horford (when they were juniors). Oden was amazing all year and in the final game, the rest of the team just couldn't do anything...including Conley. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

These parents and kids just don't get it...its a business!

If it were my son this wouldn't have been an issue because he would have committed to Auburn and I'd have $180,000 in my pocket. Then, he'd immediately transfer to tOSU. If Auburn said "we aren't gonna release him" I'd say "either you release him or I release the pictures of you handing us $180,000 for my sons commitment." 

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Another part of what set the SEC apart from the B1G was winning national championships. I'll take the national championships. We're definitely cleaner than the last couple of National Champions and undisputed too!

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Cardale is gone after this year.  JT might be gone after this year as well, but will likely be gone two years from now.

Depth Chart with TG as a redshirt Frosh/sophmore:  1) JT (maybe) 2) open competition among Collier, Burrow and TG.  TG as a redshirt Soph/junior would be wide open.

If I'm TG I think tOSU is by far the best place to succeed as a QB.  (i) I look at JT's injury history (season ending surgery 2 of the last 3 seasons); (ii) there are not four or five star recruits in or ahead of my class after 1-2 years (depending on whether JT declares for the draft; (iii) tOSU's system is EXTREMELY QB FRIENDLY and the staff is so great at developing QBs that any one of 3 QBs could start this year and be a Heisman frontrunner; and (iv) joining a potential dynasty.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

The explanation can be explained using a simple analogy:

- If your friend hooks up with a TTUN fan's hot girlfriend you give him a high five and buy him a drink

- If a TTUN fan hooks up with your friend's girlfriend you kick the shit out of the TTUN fan

Comment 28 Jan 2015

The violation would be if the University or it's affiliates were impermissably communicating with the recruit.  A HS coach unilaterally communicating with a fanbase with the goal of eventually reaching the coaching staff is not a violation.  Schools can't control what some HS coach does.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

1) I completely agree with you

2) Obviously star ratings aren't everything, but another way to look at this might be:

- Assume Carlton Davis were uncommitted

- The targets left on the board are Isaiah Prince, Terry Beckner Jr., Porter Gustin, KJ Hill, Arnette, etc.

- We have limited spots

--> Although the sentiment of being dissapointed with lower rated players committing over higher rated players is discouraged, it's real.  I think the general 11W community would much rather fill a spot with Prince, Beckner or Gustin than Davis.  I feel like we're likely to land at least one of those studs and Davis decommitting means we don't have to do any shady roster maneuvering to make room.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Kinda seems like the 2017 class will be the best (star rating wise). Starting off the class by plucking the top talent in Florida, having a class leader (Clark) at QB so far in advance and having a top 3 overall player from Ohio (that lineman that's visiting) I think it will be epic.

Plus, the relationship building is starting on the heels of a national championship with a chance to repeat and sell that we're a blossoming dynasty. 

Then again, 2016 does have a Bosa...and how great can a class be if there isn't a Bosa in it. 

Comment 22 Jan 2015

I think we should give the Amari Cooper thing a rest. He still had 2 TDs - wouldn't exactly say we completely shut him down. Really was more that Blake Sims sucked - if any one of our QBs were under center for them he'd have shredded us. That kid is a monster. 

Mariotta did everything he could and played very well. And was very graceful in defeat. 

Gordon...he played horrible, isn't half the man that Zeke is and still talked trash after the game about how they'd have beat OSU if they played again. I think we should focus all of our trolling on that piece of garbage. 

Comment 29 Dec 2014

FSU has a higher ceiling.  They have more NFL talent on their roster.  When focused they are way better than Oregon.  Jameis, for all of his faults, has been playing on two bum ankles most of the year and having a month off will go a long way to helping him get better and play better.  

Add in that Oregon just lost a 1st round draft pick CB and FSU is scarier.  Losing a shutdown corner makes a huge difference when facing an elite receiver.  Personally, I think we would have beat Clemson if we had Roby playing.  

Comment 27 Dec 2014

No way they lose 7 losses with Harbaugh.  Unless he completely cleans house and there are a ton of transfers.  Look what he did at Stanford and SF.  Let's just hope that he pisses of the Alums and players and gets ousted in 3 years.

Comment 27 Dec 2014

He is about the only coach they could have hired that scares me.  X and O wise, he might be the best college football coach next year.  I don't think he will be able to recruit as well as Urban though, because everyone thinks he is an asshole.  All in all I think I'd rather have Urban, but Harbaugh is scary.

TTUN wasn't gonna stay down forever.  I would have been much happier if they got Stoops though.  I'd prefer them to be a top 10-25 team every year and lose to us.  Now I think they'll be a top 10 team every year and have a shot.  

Harbaugh reminds me of an unstable Saban.  Whatever he does with Linebackers is magic.

10 year war is starting again...

Comment 18 Dec 2014

The Ultimate Warrior

Comment 18 Dec 2014

1) Michigan probably won't be able to pay more than Oakland

2) Not sure what the offers would end up at, but lets say TTUN offered $8 and Oakland offered $6...I would definitely give up 25% of my income to live in Northern California instead of AA.  No matter how rich you are in AA, you can't buy nice weather or things to can in NorCal.  Bay Area has a lot of cool things in close proximity...AA doesn't.

3) I'm sure she would go to a lot of places other than Cali for an extra $2M.  But, who wouldn't rather go to Miami (who is expected to be interested as well) over AA?

Comment 16 Dec 2014

X and O wise, he is easily a top 5 NFL coach.  He quickly turned around Stanford and the 49ers.  He scares me.

All that said, he likes the bay area and he reportedly likes the NFL.  I think Oakland is very likely because he wouldn't have to uproot his family. 

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Considering that we had the best performance of the Urban with Cardale Jones as the starting QB, I'm not sure that we need a healthy JT to roll them like Oregon did...

Comment 08 Dec 2014

FSU is loaded with talent.  They have way more talent on their roster than Oregon.  I'd much rather play Oregon than Bama or FSU.  

People seem to forget this, but if you give Jameis a couple weeks to get his ankle healthy, he will be a monster.  I think he is going to rest up and tear apart Oregon's D.  FSU just hasn't seemed to care about any of the crap ACC teams they've played all season until the end of the game.