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Lol Michigan, How Stupid Can You Be?

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June 14, 2014 at 1:46pm

According to Sam Webb, Michigan has told Cornell that they don't have anymore room for him. Really, you're going to stop recruiting a 5 star defensive linemen who has you in his top 4? This is why they are a laughing stock.

Glad Meyer realizes that the trenches are where Championships are won, and that you can never have too many dominant defensive linemen.

Eh, at least that's one less team Ohio State has to worry about, so I'm happy.


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"We don't have any room" = code word for "Shit we don't have a chance" ... I guess that's one more position Jabril Peppers has to play

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I heard Peppers can play every position at the same time both offense and defense and will be the second coming of Charles Woodson. All Hail Peppers!  Silly Walvies....

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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sharks's picture

This is right on.  If you check mgoblog, they think this kid can and will play everywhere.

A man got to have a code...

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True story. Might even throw the ball to himself.

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He'll be calling the plays by his sophomore year. The only thing Peppers won't do is order the food - he'll be leaving that for the head coach.

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The thinking from the staff is that by the time he enrolls he is going to be more DT'ish. We have no need for more tackles on the roster, need DE's BADLY. 

Its just a matter of want vs. need. I am sure they want him, we just don't need his probable projected end position at this point. Hopefully the coaches are right.

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One less team to worry about is always good, but I would "Little Brother" in TSUN is/ will continue to be the main competition for him. Hopefully UFM and LJ can reel him in! 


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M*chigan doesn't have one defensive line commit this year.  Shows how stupid they are.

Trust in UFM

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They believe that they are going to get the defensive lineman KLS from Cali, even though he has named UCLA his leader numerous times. http://247sports.com/Player/Keisean-Lucier-South-30392





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i think they actually have a great chance to get KLS out of california, considering they've been consistently in his top 2 basically his entire recruitment, without the benefit of a visit.  i think UCLA is his top school now because of comfort level, but if/when he visits michigan for an official, he will be blown away.  there are certainly prospects that don't come away loving ann arbor, but generally with the type of kids michigan goes for, they definitely impress during visits.  if KLS were to get out to michigan for a second, unofficial visit as well, i think they win by a long shot.  i also think they land rosenboro over NC state, as he visited for almost 4 days earlier this year and seemed to really, really enjoy his time there.

still think it's dumb backing off on cornell, even if they didn't think they had a good shot.  he is elite, and i would have liked them to get one interior linemen in the class.  i thought that was going to be hjalte frohold before he committed to bert and the razorbacks, seemingly out of nowhere.  and the fact that cornell has ohio state and michigan state so highly ranked means that losing out on him could directly cost michigan in the future.

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yep.  It's the same logic this board applied to Torrance Gibson.  "Look, we're in great shape because we're in his top group even though he hasn't visited yet.  I bet once we get him on campus, we'll vault to the top of his list."  That was optimistic, but Gibson's recruitment doesn't seem headed in the right direction.  I wonder if Michigan fans' optimism is equally misplaced.

KLS hasn't visited Michigan yet (to the best of my knowledge) but he is high on them.  He has scheduled an official visit for their night game against PSU.

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We are only looking to take one or two DE's this year...don't really need a d-line recruit outside of that...

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This is too perfect right now...


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-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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They think Cornell will end up as a DT, and they don't want that. They're looking for a DE. But a guy like Cornell could end up as a Joey Bosa or Robert Nkemdiche etc. Hoke is a joke.

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703Buckeye's picture

Who the he!! cares where Cornell ends up on the line!!! He's going to likely dominate whatever position he plays. Hoke really is a joke.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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I dont really have much to add as it seems pretty bizarre if true...especially since on Thursday Cornell had said he was going to visit Michigan the next day on Friday.

The earlier poster was correct that Michigan had only been targetting DE's in this class because of the small numbers..and many have Cornell now more likely to be a DT. It seems strange to not still go after him but that must be part of the issue regardless.

Michigan is going to have some problems juggling numbers as this has to be very small class. Given the Ty Isaac transfer, they only have 10 total scholarships to offer for the entire 2015 class before any attrition. They already have 7 verbals so the numbers are getting tight although there will always be some attrition so 15 might be the realistic size of the class. Obviously, this has little to do with Cornell as he is enough of an elite talent you wouldnt just stop recruiting him.

The two main DE's they are targetting are Darian Roseboro and Keisean Lucier-South.

The reason Michigan's class in 2015 will have to be some small is that there was so much attrition in the 2009 and 2010 classes that they signed so many in 2012 & 2013...which has created very imbalanced classes in terms of numbers leaving a small number for this year's class.


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Thanks for the insight. It's always good to know what the enemy is doing. I'll try to maintain a profession distance though. Easier to not like you. 

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K, thanks for this analysis, but this decision simply does not make sense, small class or not.

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Agree..which just means we dont know what the real story is or whether it even has any truth behind it.

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When those classes leave it better be a loaded year in Michigan or Ohio haha.

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I can see the smoke here from Maryland...

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Meatchicken will see plenty of Cornell. "Oh look Brady. There is that guy you passed on killing our QB again!" LMAO :D

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No one will say that to the Hokester... he won't be coaching the Sun & Blue by the time Cornell is terrorizing opposing QB's.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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God I hope you are correct.

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This may be a stretch but it could help push him to us as their rivals if he feels slighted, which I would if i was a five star who flew out just to be told I wasn't wanted. A phone call would've sufficed. 

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TTUN fans will say that they don't want him and/or Hoke has decided this kid has character issues and/or he's not michigan man material. 

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Long live the southend.

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How stupid can they be? Really stupid. I thought this was well known. This adds proof to something that has already been proven.

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Hoke also announced that they don't have room for Eddie George or Orlando Pace.

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He would always take Eddie George just for the restaurant he owns. 

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If this was true, wouldn't they just pull his scholarship offer? All smoke, no fire.

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Michigan is in more of a quandary, recruiting wise than I thought!


Ed Hopper

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Ive heard for years Webb is a big homer and likes to stretch the truth a little to satisfy a certain audience. The truth is probably more like *ichigan is playing serious catchup and would rather focus their efforts on a kid they are more likely to land. This  kid is the type of talent you dont turn away no matter what. And he can play the SSDE position even if he gains some weight. He has the athleticism and frame to be a top 10 draft pick,you just dont tell kids like that you dont have room. Webb knows what he can say and get away with because the rules prohibit anyone being able to actually check his facts. Will be interesting to see someone question the young man and get his version of what actually happened. Either way, Great News for Buckeye Nation!

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