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June 10, 2014 at 10:59pm

I think we might pick up some Dline late in the process.  I have a feeling if the Dline performs like its suppose to a lot of recruits will take notice.  If M.Bennett and N.Spence perform and project first round draft grades.  Thats not to mention J.Bosa.  I think it will open some recruits eyes and they will want to commit.  

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I think our D-line prospects are pretty much known and, without jinxing any, are Buckeye leans at this point.  With LJ aboard, they know what they are getting regardless of upcoming season.  Personally, I think we will be loaded before the season even starts.

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This maybe true.   I just think it might sway some guys when they see 40 sacks from Noah Spence and Joey Bosa.  Shhhh its 40 sacks and you can't tell me diff :)

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80 sacks. Alright!

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Defensive line recruits current commitment dates:

Christian Wilkins: Late fall

Neville Gallimore: National Signing Day

Darius Fullwood: End of June

Dre'Mont Jones: End of June

Jashon Cornell: August 28th

Josh Sweat: Under Armour Game

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Josh Sweat: Under Armour Game

He'll drop a star on ESPiN if he picks Ohio State.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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While we are on the topic, how likely do you guys think we are to land Sweat?  I know he's visiting Friday Night Lights but I don't know much else about his recruitment. 

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We have as good of a shot to land him as any of the other teams in the top 5.

Virginia Tech struggles to keep talent home, and a bad season again could push him away.

Florida State may be too far away for his family. Rumor is they want him close to home.

Tennessee doesn't have a shot, as I mentioned before, I'll eat my foot if they land him.

Georgia probably has the upper hand now because he has a family member in Athens.

I tend to believe that seeing Spence dominate this year could sway him in our direction. Not to mention how we aren't too far away from home, and he could step right in and start from day one. Plus, another bad season from Georgia and their defense looking as mediocre as it has looked for a few years now will also help.

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Nice work Birm 305BUCK.

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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I'll hold you to that if he goes to Tennessee!! LOL

Michigan sucks.

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I was a tad bit skeptical at first with Lj's recruiting!! But I'm seeing the long game now. A little different from Vrabel's style!! Same effectiveness just the same!!


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So, what happened with Quay Picou? I assume his offer is not committable which is why he's never talked about?

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I think the staff is focusing on Wilkins and Gallimore as the two DTs in this class, which is why Taylor is now ND bound, and we rarely hear Picou name mentioned.

I hear a lot of people say Cornell may move to the inside as well so that's an option. I would rather see him at strong side defensive end though. I think he could play there if he doesn't make it over 275, which I don't believe he will. He's 260 right now, but he has put on a lot of bad weight this spring and he's still shedding it. If he commits to Ohio State and Mick gets his hands on him, I expect him to be playing somewhere around 270-280 by the time he sees the field.

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And speaking of Wilkins, you never really hear from him, he's not on the schedule to visit that I've seen, yet he is apparently and OSU "lean". What's the deal with this mystery man?

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I think OSU will be ok in restocking the cupboard - it'll be a focus, if it isn't already.

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With Hale moving to offense and Marcus leaving combined with Bennett and Miller being seniors and the possibility of Spence leaving we will be looking for five guys I'm sure.


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