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Prospect Commitment Dates

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June 10, 2014 at 12:09pm

Does anyone have a list or know when some of OSU's prospects are planning on committing to a team? Whether they have said next month, before senior year or during an All Star game, just curious. 

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too early for the majority yet.  You'll always see a big chunk of commits at the end of summer before the season starts, a sprinkle of commits throughout the year, another big chunk after their season ends and the final big chunk at signing day.  it's the same every year.

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Ones we know tentatively:

fullwood: june 28th (edit)

hilliard: end of June, early july

clark: at "the opening" july

cornell: August 28

weber: at an AA game (January)

burrell: NSD (edit)

scott: august

richmond: sept. 9th

probably missing some

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Jefferson: July 26th or 28th, on his birthday. I forgot which one but its one of the two.

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June 28 for Darius Fullwood. Woodshed and 305Buck seem to have the others. 

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Although it doesn't add much to this thread, I'd add that any announced commitment date should be taken with many, many grains of salt as prospects have been known to commit months ahead of such scheduled decision dates or keep kicking the date down the road while they sort through their offers and get excited by new visits.

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Pretty sure Burrell tweeted the other day that he was going to fulfill his dream of committing on NSD.  I vaguely remember seeing that, could be wrong.

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I saw that too, so it must be what he's planning.

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Hearing that 16 OL Tyler Gerald may commit on June 19th