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Meyer and Co. might be at it AGAIN!

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May 15, 2014 at 8:31am

Urban Meyer has a track record of picking up a better recruit when an OSU commit ends up de-committing. We lost out on Ben Edwards, but it appears Meyers and Ash are closing in on the top safety in the country per Rivals.com

Skull Session: Southern Swing Day 4 Reply

Assessing chances with Roundtree

Some pretty big news came out of today's leg of our Southern Swing when we stopped by Evans (Ga.) Lakeside High School and spoke with five-star prospect Rashad Roundtree. The nation's top safety prospect told us back at the end of March that he would be making an official visit to Ohio State in the fall but when we spoke with him today, he told us that an extra visit is likely going to be squeezed in over the summer.

The unofficial visit would be huge for Ohio State chances. As I've said on here in the past with other prospects like Torrance Gibson, I just don't feel that only getting a kid on campus for an official visit is a realistic way to land prospects from the South. Is it impossible to land a kid that way? No. But take a look at the kids that Ohio State has pulled out of the South not only under Urban Meyer but under Jim Tressel, the vast majority of those kids made multiple visits to Ohio State during the course of their recruitments, usually an unofficial visit or two in the spring/summer followed by an official visit in the fall.

OhioState.Rivals.com released this article:
Getting Roundtree up twice would boost their chances from major long shot to a school that could legitimately contend here.
Now before everyone gets too excited, I do think Rashad is going to be a tough pull out of the Southeast. I think Georgia is in a pretty strong position right now and I think Auburn is another program that is going to be a serious contender. Roundtree is talking about making a visit to Auburn's big elite camp on May 31st where they often host a lot of commits and top targets and Roundtree is pretty tight some of the commits over there.

That being said, I definitely feel the interest in Ohio State is legitimate on Rashad's end. They always seem to get brought up with him and even some people in the South that we've spoken to feel the Buckeyes can be a player if they get him on campus for a visit. He speaks regularly with Chris Ash on Twitter and Ash was by the school recently so Ohio State is definitely recruiting him as hard as they can.

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Just so we're clear, the Buckeyes are never at it again.... they are just always at it.

Read my entire screen name....

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I'm just not worried about this class... at all. I say this because recruiting success isn't based on a one-year time frame.

We've been stockpiling elite depth and talent for the last 3 years now, so it's not like we need a large group of kids to come in and revamp the program. Cumulative points really don't mean jack sh*t if your average star-rating is below 3.

We saw JT do this throughout his entire tenure with recruiting. Where he had clear objectives for each class instead of just racking up as much talent as possible. Urban is doing the same thing, but he uses a different pecking-order for positions.

UM came in and his no. 1 priority was to load the trenches with bodies in his first classes. Then he went after his skill players, and now he's filling positions of need. Obviously I can never know what coach is thinking, but I have a feeling that this is going to be a very small, very selective class that ends up having around a 4 star average but barely cracks the top 10 in cumulative points.

Year 1 - get the bodies, Year 2 - get the talent, Year 3 - fill the gaps. Repeat on a 3 year cycle so freshman aren't ever too heavily relied upon.

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I could see it ending up like one of USC's classes did a few years ago, with like 15 players, but I think half were 5 stars.

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This is some very good news - let's finish this now and get the train - a - rolin

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Woooo Woooo Wooo! Not used to seeing good news on the 2015 football recruiting trail. Slow down!

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Only upside to having only 2 recruits mid May....Next 7 mths should be a wild!!

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I just need a damn gray box already.

Our Honor Defend!

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Angry, this is how I imagine your mind right now.


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Fingers crossed!  This would be excellent news if we snagged him.

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It sure would be nice to turn a "OSU is in my top 5" into a "I have committed to OSU!!!"


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At the beginning, you say "it appears Meyers and Ash are closing in on the top safety in the country" but then much deeper in the story you say, "Now before everyone gets too excited, I do think Rashad is going to be a tough pull out of the Southeast."  

You really got me excited there at the beginning, only to backpedal faster than a db trying to cover James Clark on a go route.  "Closing in" connotes a very high likelihood of....yup, closing.  As in almost sure thing.  

Not very nice to tease us like that.

Go bucks.

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As for kids in the south...maybe the fact that Ohio State is the Big Evil From the North for the entire SEC actually plays in our favor for kids who want to go against the flow.  Ohio kids do it all the time, and are found on many exceptional teams across the Big Ten and the country.  We are the nemesis of the SEC.  They know we are built for national contention.  We represent the threat to continued SEC dominance...and of course, some kids just love to be the bad guy.  We are that bad guy.  

Urban Meyer will prove to be a bane to the SEC.  It's kinda personal for him in that regard.  The way Florida spurned him alone would be enough for a fiery story of revenge and restitution.  Setting things straight, they kicked the guy in the head for making them great for a season (in the multiple sense).  And when it comes to that, the sports media will jump aboard with tales of rivalry with his old stomping ground, blah, blah, blah.  Urban will simply retorch the south if he gets the chance and cause many a coach and coordinator to walk a trail of tears.

I want to strip down naked and bathe in those tears, letting each salty little nugget nourish my body...

It's so easy to hate Ohio State...because we always come back.  We've quietly amassed some of the best BCS records out there, yet being known more for the two horrible losses "that would cripple our program for decades"...well, flip it around and say guess what?  Those two horrible losses CAME IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, YOU IDIOT.  And then ask softly, "And pray tell...where did your two worse losses come?"

<end rant, not sure where it started>

But with a staff like this...that recognizes the importance of recruiting, there is the art of timing.  Urban Meyer does seem to have it, and wouldn't be surprised to see a domino effect of top recruits choosing the good guys. 

Wonder what a Cinderella Recruiting Haul would look like...anybody know what getting the TOP recruit in each needed category would look like for us? 

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