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Comment 15 May 2016
I like everything about Kellen Monds game. 1. Good arm strength 2. Accurate arm 3. Good pocket awareness 4. Good runner 5. Leader TBD I think I prefer him over Tate, but would like to see either one of them in the class. I love Danny's passion for OSU, but I can't see him running Urbans offense. I think they would have to redesign their offense to fit his skill set and I don't see that happening.
Comment 30 Apr 2016
Urban will get them connected to a team. They'll both get a shot. Marshall should have come back.
Comment 27 Apr 2016
I lived in LA for 35 years and the city is a melting pot. The SC campus is in a horrible area and college sports in LA is crap. Can't see how recruits would wantvto go to SC. Now UCLA on the other hand is awesome, but playing an hour away from campus attracts zero students. There is no comparison in LA to Columbus, our fan base or the "Shoe".
Comment 09 Apr 2016
I get the fact that Mack is young and Gibson is learning a new position, but to call Clark, a redshirt sophomore, and McLairun, a redshirt freshman, young is a bit of a cop out. Both of these guys have been receiver their entire lives and have been in the program for 2 and 3 years respectively, I am pretty sure they are more than capable of running with the first string and give JT good workouts.
Comment 27 Mar 2016
OSU passes on a Rivals top 100 player from the great state of Ohio. Dear Lord we are so blessed to go after the best of the best in the nation knowing we could probably pull a top 100 player from Ohio if things don't go as planned.
Comment 13 Mar 2016
I love the quality of young kids Urban & Company is recruiting. This young man not only has mad football skills, but also seems like a great person and teammate. Love hearing hus coach talk him up too. Welcome to the BuckeyeNation young man!
Comment 12 Mar 2016
I pray your wife will battle through this Hove. This disease has cost me my mom (35 years ago), dad (6 months ago) and my mother-in-law (2 weeks ago). Stay strong and battle your ass off. Much love from a fellow Buckeye! Helmet sticker to everyone who changed their avitar in support of Hove.
Comment 12 Mar 2016
Stop already.....I can't stomach hearing how many first round, top 50 players taken in the draft the 2015 Buckeyes will have. Every time I hear this I get sick about the loss to the green team. This team was the best in the nation, but because of a 3 point loss to the green team and the ttun screwing up a punt we"re left out of the playoffs. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled for the players headed to the NFL, but I can't wait for the draft to come and go. Sorry, had to vent.