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Comment 19 Feb 2017
I am going with Smith and Fuller at the two safety spots (Sorry Damon) and Sheffield and Okudah at the two corners. Ward and Webb at nickle. Come November, this secondary will be bruttle to pass against, especially with the pressure our defensive line is going to put on opposing quarterbacks
Comment 03 Feb 2017
It would not surprise me to see both Wade and Okudah start at corner by end of fall camp. I like Ward, but these two are on a different level. I could aee Ward sliding into the nickel. I am also hoping someone out performs Webb at safety. I minds eye Webb just never lived up to his top 50 tanking coming out of high school. Would love to see a healthy Smith compete.
Comment 07 Jan 2017
305buck never disappoints. I am one who believes Mr. Wilson joins the two in Columbus. What defensive tackle would want Okudah and Browning playing behind them.
Comment 07 Jan 2017
I am right there with. Jeffrey Okudah is my favorite player.
Comment 07 Jan 2017
I am crying like a baby. What a great, heart felt letter. Wow, just wow. What an incredible young man.
Comment 07 Jan 2017
He did not looked thrilled to be a Trojan. I wonder if the Buckeyes just didn't have room. Something tells me he wanted to be a Buckeye. I lived in Southern Cal for 35 years and USC's campus is a shit whole, however, Westwood in gorgeous. Lord I hope we land Darnay.
Comment 30 Dec 2016
This years playoff game feels like the 2006 National Championship game, however, Urban's our coach this time. I think the Buckeyes will play inspired football and dominate this game. OSU - 38 Clemson - 24