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Comment 18 Sep 2016
I am really proud of our boys. They played a great game in a tough environment, but boy would I like to see Eric Smith healthy and back at safety. Damon is a good player, but he got burned at least 4 times last night. He just seems to be out of position to often. I think he's better suited for nickel. Baker is a stud. Not sure how you keep him off yhe field. I could see him sliding in Worley's spot once B1G play starts in 2 weeks. Tough environment = some penalties, but Urban & Co. has to clean that up. Great win for the Buckeyes! O-H
Comment 14 Sep 2016
Our defense is better than we think given our 1st two opponents. OSU hasn't showed shit on defense yet, but that's about to change. OSU - 34 OU - 17
Comment 11 Sep 2016
Saban be like - "I just doubled your salary to $1.4 million and you call the bullshit play up 35? You are a jack ass Lane."
Comment 04 Sep 2016
77 - 10, no bad all good. I turn 50 in February and I'm going to enjoy every win from here on out. Bring on Tulsa!
Comment 04 Sep 2016
Chubbs had a great game, but why would they run a kid 32 times in his first game back from a severe knee injury. Obviously they needed to pound him in order to get by North Carolina. After week one Chubbs #1 JT #2
Comment 28 Aug 2016
Love Tate and Haskell, Palaie Gaoteote stole the night for me. This kid is going to be an All American linebacker, so why not come to LB U. I LOVED the fact that Tate took cheap shot after cheap shot and never lost his cool. Tate was in command all game long. This kid may not be 6' 3", but he's going to be a giant at OSU running the spread.
Comment 21 Aug 2016
Our O-line will be better this year than they were last year. Jones is at the same talent level as Decker at left tackle. He's a future 1st rounder. Jordan will play just as well, and maybe even better, than Price at left guard. Elflien is WAY better than Boren at center. Price will be a step behind Elflien at right guard. Prince will be much better then Farris at right tackle. Mark it down, this O-line will dominate this year and coach Stud will do a great job getting them and their backups ready. GO BUCKS!