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Comment 26 Aug 2014
This game should be at least a 17 to 30 point win for OSU. Not only do we have a top 3 coaching staff (I vote #1 by the way), but we also have an entire team of 3, 4 &5 star athletes. Navy is all 1 & 2 star with a hand full of 3 stars sprinkled in. Play hard and smart football for 60 minutes and this games a blowout. OSU 38 - Navy 13.
Comment 24 Aug 2014

We struggle early in the year against VT and Cincy, but we win both games by a combined score 17 points.

We roll into East Lansing and the team clicks on all cylinders and we win by 11, 31-20.

We go into the TTUN game and beat them good 37-17 and the folks in Ann Arbor are calling for Hokes head after going 9-4.

We head for Indy to play Nebraska and come out with a "W" 38-17. ESPN is now saying OSU is for real.

We are now ranked #3 in the country and we play Auburn in the first playoff game in D1 history. We beat the SEC chumps 27-24.

We head to Texas to play the reigning National National Champions (Sound familiar folks - remember 2002) and beat them 24-20 to be the first team to win 15 games and the 1st playoff championship.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

Toss up between Cameron Johnson and Joshua Perry.....I think I'll go with Perry.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

I voted no only in the event you meant platoon them. I am not in favor of a 2 QB system with the likes of Barrett and Jones. It looks like Barrett is:

A. Better Leader

B. More accurate passer

C. Better runner

d. Better decision maker (distributor)

Jone has a stronger arm, but the buck (no bun intended) stop there's!

Comment 23 Aug 2014

I would rather it be August 30th and the first game of the year rather than NSD.

Comment 23 Aug 2014
  1. Best coach in college football - Check
  2. Talented team full of 4 & 5 stars - Check
  3. Manageable schedule - Check
  4. Fast team with something to prove - Check

If we can win our first 2 game against Navy and VT and JT gains some additional confidence this team will be ready come the game in East Lansing. When, not if, we are done knocking off Sparty this team will be rolling right into a playoff position.

13-0 and a playoff team is my prediction!

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I think Parris is going to be the next Robert Smith at OSU, but it's going to take 3 years. Come his red-shirt sophomore year he's going to be a beast - 6' 2" 230 and a 4.3/40.

Comment 20 Aug 2014
1. OSU No need to go any further.
Comment 19 Aug 2014

The last 24 hours have been gut wrenching. I am not sure why, but the billboard brought out the emotional side of me.

I love my home state and my university and I am so proud to be a BUCKEYE!

Hope your recovery goes well Braxton and the BuckeyeNation is behind you!


Comment 19 Aug 2014
We won a National Championship with Craig Krentzel at QB. Defense wins championships and we need the Silver Bullet to return and well be in the hunt. I have faith in the system and Barrett, we'll be just fine.
Comment 17 Aug 2014

Let me fix that for you.... (with all due respect to Mr. Spielman).

I like McMillan as well, but I am not ready to put him in Chris's category just yet.