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Comment 28 Jan 2015
He is a lock to be a Buckeye. I wish these "Gibson" threads would stop because this has been answered by Terrell a month ago. Quote: "Chill BuckeyeNation, I am a Buckeyes, but I want to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience." That's what Gibson said when he made it "public" a month ago that he was going to take some official visits.
Comment 25 Jan 2015

305Buck - I really appreciate your posts and I am always interested in what you have to say.

I would like to see us pull a defensive lineman named Sweat or Gillamore, but I'll take a Harris.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Nick is a beast......

Everyone thinks Joey is going pro after next year.......Not happening.......He will play one year with his little bro. You heard it here first, Joey will come back to OSU for his senior season.

Going pro after your junior year - $5,000,000

Playing college ball with your little brother - Priceless

Comment 19 Jan 2015

One thing that caught me eye (I watch OSU games over and over again looking at different position groups) during the Wisconsin game, Braxton raised his right arm high in the air when OSU scored a TD. It was a telling sign to me that his rehab was coming along nicely.

I am not sure what will happen, but playing the percentages I think Braxton will be the starter come game one. He should be 100% by fall camp and that gives him enough time to get his timing down with his receivers. I also think JT and CJ see a lot of playing time throughout because this might be the best OSU team I've seen in my 48 years on this planet, so I expect a lot of blowouts.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

The offense and defense continued to improve each and every game, but to improve their 3rd down conversions over the last two games is staggering given their competition.

With a loaded 2015 class and 2016 and 2017 classes already off to a strong start this team will be loaded for years to come.

Senior offensive players lost:

  1. Devon Smith (replacement Cory Smith)
  2. Evan Spencer (replacement Noah Brown)
  3. Jeff Heuerman (replacement Nick Vannett)
  4. Darryl Ballwin (replacement Jamarco Jones)

Senior defensive players lost:

  1. Michael Bennett (replacement - Tommy Schutt)
  2. Curtis Grant (replacement - Raekwon McMillan)
  3. Doran Grant (replacement - Gareon Conley)

God I hope Gene Smith gives Urban a 10 year contract!


Comment 17 Jan 2015

The Buck-I-Guy is a complete ass hole. Not only is he mean, but rude. Fans approached him at the Shoe and he all but pushed them away....all I could think of is "What a prick".

Comment 16 Jan 2015

McCall is an incredible back and I think he's the best running back in the 2016 class and I am pretty sure he is all OSU.


Comment 15 Jan 2015

One word describes the 2-deep posted above - SICK!