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Comment 23 Jul 2016
I was at FNL last night and I kept an eye on Lamont Wade. He was not interacting with anyone and seemed lost on the field. No players, recruits or coaches gave him the timevof day. I think that shipped sailed. I am hoping Shaun Wade sticks and Jeffery and Amir commit. That would be a great haul.
Comment 09 Jul 2016
I agree, Dobbins is a stud RB and he seems like an outstanding young man who was brought up right. Offers keep coming in and he is 100% behind his commitment. Told other schools he is not taking anymore visit because he's committed to OSU.
Comment 26 Jun 2016
Here are the four 2017 - 5* expected to attend: Cam Akers, Baron Browning, Darney Holmes and Chase Young.
Comment 26 Jun 2016
I know our young Buckeyes have a tough schedule, but if Ed and Tim can get this offense moving by week 3 against the Sooners look out. I think the defense will be good early and great come November. If this team wins in Norman I think it rolls right into the playoffs. Talented, young and hungry! I like it!
Comment 13 Jun 2016
I have zero concerns about to many alpha dogs in the OSU locker room. Why you ask? Urban Frank Meyer is and will always be THE alpha dog!
Comment 13 Jun 2016
Wish I could paste DPJ response because it is awesome. Grimes - Akers - Lindsey - Martell - DPJ all pictured together in Buckeye jerseys.....AWESOME!!!!