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George Brown Jr. - Winton Woods H.S.

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April 25, 2014 at 3:56pm

What is the deal on this kid?  He is a big son of a gun and a Cinci boy.  I remember hearing a lot about him a few months back and looking at his offer sheet it seems to be a pretty good list.  Is it just we have a lot of higher rated guys on our radar or is there something else going on here that I missed?

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he is too big and uncoordinated IMO.

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Can someone post the highlight video

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The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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He's big, but he doesn't seem to have the technique to control the other guy.  He's got the potential to go to Florida @ 1:40.

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Thanks Double G for the video!

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Kid seems really sloppy, he would be a project.

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He plays mostly dline and we would need to see him at camp as an offensive lineman before an offer I would think.