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Comment 02 Dec 2016

If they are going to go that route, they better be sure they have him secured.  I feel like if I were a recruit, that kind of move would be such a turn off.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

From what I've heard, after Applewhite's affair with a student that got him fired from UT, he won't ever get rehired there.

Comment 22 Nov 2016

Yea I'm sorry to seem rude, because you are entitled to your opinion, but your opinion is stupid.  How are kids going to learn from their mistakes if their mistakes carry the death penalty each time they make a hard mistake? 

Comment 21 Nov 2016

A Bota Bag is a wineskin, which is how my Dad snuck booze into Ohio State games when he was a student in the late 80s/early 90s.  I stuck double flasks in my cowboy boots however to sneak mine in.  Also the vest I would wear for cold games was great for sneaking in about 6 beers.

Comment 21 Nov 2016

"Hey you're a dumb teenager who made a dumb mistake. You're now banned from ever playing this sport again.  Sorry if you're a kid from a bad situation or a bad neighborhood who could use a coach/older mentor figures to actually help you become a more well rounded citizen and help you from falling in with a bad crowd.  You made a single mistake, and as you know, no one deserves a second chance."


C'mon man, the last thing a kid who makes a dumb mistake needs is to be kicked out and sent into exile.  You keep him in, punish him and help him learn from his mistakes, because that is how people grow and become better.  If coaches, teachers, and mentors (along with parents) are going to kick a kid to the curb the first time he makes a dumb, hotheaded mistake, and try to make him go through learning how to grow up and become an adult alone, the kid is going to go find worse mentors (bad people) to learn from and follow.  

Comment 04 Nov 2016

Dude just go to fucking class.  You're paying an assload of money to go to college for a reason.  I was a marketing major in Fisher as well (Graduated Spring of 14) and being a marketing major is cake.  I dicked around almost all of college, did well in my major classes, and have a pretty great gig in Technology Sales now.  If you put forth any sort of real effort and have any sort of people skills, you should sail through with no troubles.

Comment 03 Nov 2016

"Prescott continues to play at a very high level. He protects the ball, plays with poise and has stepped up in crunch time. His ability to escape and extend plays is phenomenal, but I've been more impressed with his accuracy from the pocket."

You call that harsh? Seems like a really glowing review to me.

Comment 31 Oct 2016

I came into town for the weekend for the game, and this is what it felt like to me.  I'd start cheering trying to get up and Northwestern would complete a 15 yard pass and get another first down.  Not a ton to cheer for on Saturday honestly.

Comment 31 Oct 2016

How about we cut this shit out until the season actually ends? I'm disappointed in the offensive performance just like everyone else is, but can we at least let the season finish before we start actively naming replacements for these guys?

Comment 24 Oct 2016

5 Years ago i would have said no way, but with Alabama doing it with Lane Kiffin and now apparently Steve Sarkisian and us doing it with Greg Schiano, as well as Will Muschamp and Gene Chizik elsewhere around the country, I wouldn't rule out something like that happening.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't know that the offense is playing well enough for a program to look at us and say "I need either Beck or Warriner at the helm right now!" like i am sure plenty of Buckeye fans are hoping.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Seems weird that this coach is taking shots at an 18 year old about not being a good fit for their team if it was such a mutual decision.  Guy sounds an awful lot like fans of recruiting who say "we didn't want him here anyways."

Comment 05 Oct 2016

"Let's hope they don't look like this" you mean you hope a Big Ten Offensive Lineman won't hold our defensive linemen or that it will get called by the Refs? Yea, and Jabrill Peppers isn't overrated.

Comment 29 Sep 2016

Kid is a true freshman playing with a bunch of skill position players who are freshmen and sophomores outside of OJ Howard.  Even if it isn't this year, that offense is going to be nasty as they develop more together.