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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Going to The Ohio State University during the Tressel/Meyer&Matta era.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Pat Tillman, Troy Smith, Zeke Elliot, Joey Bosa, J.T. Barrett
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Comment 07 May 2015

Nick Bosa, I don't even think twice. No justification based on any justifiable metric, I just think another 3 years of bosa would cause the Buckeyes to shoot even higher into the stratosphere. 

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Bummer to lose out on the two top Olinemen in Ohio, both to the Golden Domers. If only something had happened this weekend to take the sting off. Something like 5 other players committing. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to sit here and sulk. 

Comment 08 Apr 2015

Graduated less than a year ago, so I think so. Went to a nationally recognized high school 30 min away from campus, had a 3.8 GPA and 34 ACT, president of the Latin Club, Eagle Scout, student leader in a church group, academic team, section leader in the symphonic band, and football letterman. 

Not to brag or anything, but man I was pretty sweet in high school ha. 

Comment 07 Apr 2015

All you can do now is sit back and laugh at the madness. Never been happier to be wrong about a coach in my life. 

Comment 06 Apr 2015

I'm just kind of a lovable guy though

Comment 06 Apr 2015

Welp, drinking all day and night, then posting  on Eleven Warriors was a bad idea. I've admitted I was wrong, so whatever dog.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

Welp, drinking all day and night, then posting  on Eleven Warriors was a bad idea. I've admitted I was wrong, so whatever dog. 

Comment 06 Apr 2015

Man I was hoping no one would find this topic again

Comment 04 Apr 2015

Hey I'm moving to Dallas this weekend, and will be commuting from my apartment in uptown to Plano for work. Is the opposite direction from you the same kind of commute?

Comment 25 Mar 2015

It didn't look like a full go drill to me, having played o and d line in high school (I know, truly a subject matter expert level of experience on that one). That said, I think the 4 ends of Hubbard, Holmes, Lewis, and of course, the Bosanator are just going to destroy offenses next year. 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

I get depth chart concerns, I really do. I don't think it is in any way wrong to take a look at our situation and say "wow that team is loaded at QB, maybe a team with as much young talent as UT or Rutgers, the place my dad played may be a better fit."

That being said, either join us on the Dark Side, or lose to us. 

Comment 19 Mar 2015

I'm not one to bash Birm, the man (and you 305) are pretty much where I get buckeye recruiting news from exclusively, but the reason I think people get up in arms about it is Birm is a guy who isn't just throwing shots in the dark. Fans want these guys to be Bucks, probably too much, and when Birm says we aren't gonna get them, even through just a crystal ball, I think a lot of people have a knee jerk reaction. 

Just my 2 cents. 

Comment 17 Mar 2015

I in no way want Thad to leave, he is my guy and I think his best days are ahead. That said though, if I have to replace him, my first call is going to Brad Stevens or Sean Miller, though I'm not sure either would leave their gigs to be the Buckeyes coach. 

Comment 13 Mar 2015

My guess is because Marrow is a Tight Ends coach and we have had Tim Hinton since Urban took over the program. 

Comment 06 Mar 2015

John Simon, the man was the absolute epitome of toughness. Like Urban Meyer said "He makes all of us look in the mirror and ask ourselves 'are we doing enough, are we doing as much as he is doing? No, we gotta do more."  That was in reference to the fact that Simon was injured for the entirety of his senior year and there still wasn't a harder working player on that field.

The other one, and the one i think gets overlooked often, is Braxton Miller.  Consider first his freshman season, a season where he got knocked and smacked around while fighting week in and week out to save the soul of a team that was lost in the wasteland between Tatgate and the promised land of Coach Meyer.  The other key bit of evidence is last years Orange Bowl.  Vic Beasley and the rest of the Clemson defense pounded X-Brax during that game, and especially on the play ending the second to last series, it looked like he was done.  However, he got back up, came back into the game when other men would have quit, even though it would end with another bone crusher of a hit, which either resulted in an injury that has sidelined him for over a year, or if he had already been injured, had to be a moment more painful than most of us have ever imagined.